Ice Watch Grand Opening

 Ice-Watch is finally here! The colorful and chic fashion watch brand from Belgium has finally opened the FIRST….  Yes…. FIRST flagship store in Malaysia! This brightly lit, colorful and vibrant store is located at none other than Sunway Pyramid 😉 Fans of the brand made a beeline to the store during the soft launch with many of them leaving the store satisfied with their newly purchased Ice-Watch timepieces!



Ice-Watch flagship store in Sunway Pyramid

The strong colors and wide variety of designs from the Ice-Watch brand made it a dream for those who wish to showcase their personalities and fashion style via their choice of watch.

The brand concept of “Change. You Can”, Ice-Watch offers colourful, chic, innovative, and elegant designs that can be considered as affordable luxuries to complement any lifestyle. Check this out:


 “Ice-Jelly” design


“Ice World” design

The flagship store in Sunway Pyramid is the first Ice-Watch store in the world with the Ice-Match App. It is a next-generation technology in consumer shopping experience that uses a touch screen TV and camera to capture a photo of the shopper and offer several matches or options of Ice-Watch models and colors that are best suited to the shopper’s gender, skin tone and clothing.


Ice-Match App




“Ice Elegant” design

The flagship store also showcases several colorful Ice-Clocks to denote the time of major cities around the world.

At the official launch of the flagship store, guests were asked to gather at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink to enjoy an ice mob performance and a special performance by Asia No.1 and World No.4 Shawn Lee “Ice Watch” Beat box.


Ice Mob Performance


Shawn Lee- Asia No.1 Beat boxer

Other celebrity guests were also seen at the official launch ceremony. Amber Chia, actress Lavin Seow, actor Jehan Miskin, One FM DJ Nicholas, singers Kit Teo, Ke Qing and Victor Lee, models Esther Tan and X TopModel Vier Tan were spotted wearing their favorite Ice-Watch timepieces at the event.



(From left: Kit Teo, Ke Qing, Mr Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Jack Low, Jehan Miskin, Amber Chia, Vier Tan, Esther Tan,Lavin Seow, Nicholas, Shawn Lee)


Mr Didier Kinsoen, Director of Logistics and Distribution from the Ice-Watch brand attended the launch event, representing the founder of Ice-Watch, Mr Jean-Pierre Lutgen.


Ice Watch @ F1.09

Sunway Pyramid


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