Christmas with Carlo Rino

Let’s get ready for Christmas! Lion hunts down some amazing heels and bags for Christmas parties from Carlo Rino!

This year’s Carlo Rino’s Fall-Winter collection is all about Sweet, Fun and Ingenious! Check out this extensive collection of totes, carry-all, handbags, clutches and wallets. The soothing pastel shades of pink, cherry, yellow, blue, ocher, cream and beige really make up this season’s holiday palette.


Water Color Wonderland

They also have collection for the leather lovers. Come in explosive yellow, red and green, these full-leather shoulder bags provides much space for you to chuck all your ‘must-carry’ items when you’re out of home. A quick twist to the edges would expand your bag into a carry-all too. Now… talk about luxurious versatility!


Luxury = Leather

Are you in the mood for love this Christmas?? 😉 Carlo Rino has a vibrant heart-shaped design bags just for you! These In Love collections come with gorgeous gold-coloured key charms to unlock your every heart’s desire….. awwwwww….


  Love is Carlo Rino!

Now let’s pair up the bag with the perfect shoe! Animal Print design for you? How about wooden clog? Or… maybe some luxurious velvet inspired wedges? Well, whichever your pick would be, these shoes will certainly make you look sensual enough for any social occasion.


Platform For Perfection

Yes! There’s no shortage of sexy, confidence-boosting heels to fit every occasion with Carlo Rino. Glam up with the diamante on black for that black-tie event, OR peep-toe heels for that cocktail do.. there’s also party-perfect pumps with satin ribbon trimming and strappy heels with crystal detail for that passion-fueled date. Perhaps some zip-up booties for that rocker-chic party for you? What more could a girl ask for?? 😉


Heels Up

It’s never too late to prepare for Christmas.  Let’s embody the holiday spirit with heels that lift your look and colors that lift your spirit! This season’s exclusive from Carlo Rino would be the criss-cross heels that fit snugly around your feet while giving you that butt-lifting boost in this season’s signature colors of GREEN and RED.


Christmas Carnival

Fantastic baby! Here are some flats that offer not only comfort, but sizzle! Opt for sweet, delicate laser cut-out patterns with bow embellishment, faux animal-print motifs with metal studs, or snake skin patterns for that sexy edge.. Take your pick!


Fantastic Flats

Now you have no reason not to visit Carlo Rino for that perfect bag and shoe you’ve always desired.


Carlo Rino @ LG1.83

Sunway Pyramid


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