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As city folks, we live in a highly demanding, fast-paced lifestyle that it takes a great deal just to unwind as the day ends. What do you usually do to unwind at the end of the day just before you go to bed or what keeps you going throughout the day? Some of us get our usual dose of caffeine daily from our beverages. Some of us resort to cosy spa to nourish our soul, spirit, mind and body. The other alternative you could go for is by sipping tea. For centuries, tea is known for its calming and nourishing goodness and we are well aware of that. However, how many of us actually know which tea is good for what purpose?

Introducing the Legend of Tea where you can find a variety of tea and its characteristics clearly mapped out so that you can make your choices more easily.


The Lavender Tea

Are you tired?  Feeling stressed out? Want to relieve headache, sooth anxiety and release tension? Want to treat migraine or stabalise your digestive system? Perhaps, all you want to have is a good night sleep after a busy day working? The right tea you should go for is the Lavender Tea because this tea will aid you in all the issues mentioned above.


The Matcha Green Tea Powder

When the day has only just begun but you are already exhausted from pulling a late night, why don’t you refresh yourself with the Matcha Green Tea Powder? The Matcha Green Tea has energy boosting properties, rich in L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that affects the brain’s function by promoting a state of well-being, alertness and relaxation. It also contains an abundant amount of catechin egcg (epigallocatechin gallate) which is proven to provide potent cancer-fighting properties, fight free radicals and has antioxidant properties. To top it up, it also has weight loss benefits.


Jasmine Green Tea and Green Tea Fairy

For those with high blood pressure or are at risk of heart attack, has a history of hypertension or any issues with excessive blood sugar or blood cholesterol issue, do opt for the Jasmine Green Tea or Green Tea Fairy because the tea reduces blood sugar and blood cholesterol and blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. On top of that, it increases calories burning and metabolic rate which means that it burns more energy even when you are not exercising. These teas are high in antioxidant which can prevent blood vessels damage by preventing plague formation in the blood vessels.


Red Rose and French Rose

Just as how girls and women love beautiful roses, they should even love them served in tea even more. Why? Red Rose and French Rose tea improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles and balances hormones which in result reduces menstrual pain and helps skin renewal to improve skin tone and reduces acne. The teas are high in Vitamin A which improves eye sight and Vitamin C (60% higher than oranges) and is important for collagen production and immune system. The sweet and fragrant rosy aroma also soothes the mind and reduces stress.


Apple Flower Tea

Ladies can also opt for the Apple Flower Tea because it improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles and clears acne, reduces fat absorption (hurray!), helps your body remove excess fat from the body (double hurray!!), rich in Vitamin C which is important for collagen production, and most importantly, boost the immune system.


For those with sore throat and flu, the Chrysanthemum Tea is said to contain natural substance that can kill bacteria and virus that causes flu and sore throat. It is also rich in Vitamin A, B1, Glycosides, Flavonoid and Amino Acid, helps maintain and improve eyesight, reduce heatiness and promote fluid. When you drink the Chrysanthemum Tea regularly enough, you can feel that your body becomes more energetic body, your vision and hearing becomes enhances, your brain more alert, promoting longevity.


The Osmanthus Tea

Feel a bit funny in the stomach? The Osmanthus Tea strengthens the stomach, helps digestion and reduce inflammation. With regular consumption, it can help improve your lung function. The Osmanthus tea leaves can also be added to your dessert of choice such as jelly, green bean soup or herbal soup to enhance the soup’s fragrance and taste.

Tea Offerings at Legend of Tea

Whether to unwind for the day, to keep you going during times you feel simply exhausted or just to enjoy the fragrance of tea, the variety of teas available at the Legend of Tea are not only refreshing but they also promote a healthy living especially amidst the fast-paced and ever-busy city lifestyle. Let the Legend of Tea transform you to a tea-lover.


Legend of Tea @ LG1.98, Sunway Pyramid

Contact: 03-5631 9751


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