Chinese New Year is a time for families to reunite, along with receiving ‘ang pows’, launching fireworks and wearing new outfits. But one cannot deny that FEASTING together is an important part of the celebration!  😉

Well, did you know that the festive season would be incomplete without the traditional dish like ‘pen cai’, also known as ‘poon choy’ in Cantonese OR ‘Big Bowl Feast’??? And why so???

Originally from Hong Kong, ‘pen cai’, which literally means ‘vegetables in a basin’ is an indulgent affair where layers of ingredients are braised in a fragrant gravy. Customarily eaten during Chinese New Year, this festive casserole hotpot dish symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

To all you foodies out there, indulge your taste buds in this scrumptious Chinese treat from CANTON-i!


This dish consists of Braised Premium Chilean Abalone, Sea cucumber, Japanese Dried Oysters, Premium mushrooms, ‘Pantai Remis’ fresh sea prawns and many more!!!! Are you drooling already??? haha! Even better news for Hong Leong Bank Credit Cardmembers, as you get to enjoy RM50 off! OR if you’re cracking your head on what to buy for your loved ones this festive season, fret not, coz CANTON-i has Treasure Pot Cash Voucher for you! 😉

Apart from this festive dish, do also check out CANTON-i’ s wanton mee. Who could resist this? A bowl of well made wanton noodles that glides smoothly into your mouth, and so springy that they bounce up and down on the tip of your tongue. OHhhhhh.. speaking of the sunny smell of eggs too *drools*. Not forgetting the succulent prawn wontons and pork belly, which we may say a match made in gastronomic heaven?  Now thissssss.. you gotta try it yourself!

Wonton Noodles with Jumbo Prawn Wonton in Soup
Wonton Noodles with Jumbo Prawn Wonton in Soup

Any Char-roast Goose lovers out there? Here in CANTON-i is where you can try the exquisite Hong Kong-style roast goose. Using charcoal fire, the high, consistent heat of the glowing embers browns and crisps the skin on the outside and lightly chars the edges of the goose meat, while sealing in the juices. HHmmmmmmmm yummeh!

Traditional Char-roast Goose
Traditional Char-roast Goose

Now introducing to you the all time family favorite… Steamed Mr.Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste! Not only are they cute…but they are delicious and attractive and soft! soft pastry that is 😉 Simply irresistible!

Steamed Mr.Piggy Buns with Red Bean Paste

Egg tarts can be everyone’s favorite, however it’s not an easy task to hunt for delicious ones. Is ‘crispy pastry, with smooth textured filling’ enough to define delicious? If yes, then these traditional  Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts is for you. The freshly baked with strong fragrance egg tarts can be almost gone in 2 bites! How about that??? haha.

CANTON-i Signature Egg Tarts
CANTON-i Signature Egg Tarts

As many of us know, congee is an extremely delicious rice porridge that is eaten in many Asian countries. Not only is it a delicious dish, but it is also nutritious and easy on the stomach. And this congee that we would like to introduce from CANTON-i, has already existed since the Qing Dynasty. What makes this congee extra special? It’s non other than the ingredients! They include bird nest, abalone, prawn, chicken meat and scallop!!!!  The original flavor of these ingredients is all tasted in the congee……….How could one even resist this…….

Supreme Congee
Supreme Congee

Let’s head on down to CANTON-i for that authentic Chinese cuisine experience!


CANTON-i, G1.112, Sunway Pyramid


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