STORMing its way in, with style!

Did you know that STORM is the only recognised British watch brand in the market today?

Call it fate, or just coincidence, but just so happened one of us ‘needed’ another watch to add to her ever-growing watch set.

So when we heard that STORM has opened under our roof, we couldn’t wait to STORM (pun intended) our way to the outlet, you know, to keep our watch-crazy friend company.

But then, upon setting our eyes on the collections, it was sooooo hard to resist the temptations to try a few watches on. After all, what harm can it do, right?

One of us girls, who is always so fond of those big, guy-type watches was instantly hooked on the STORM Special Edition Solar watch. What’s not to adore, with features like the striking green LED clock hands, streamlined steel racing stripe strap, and water resistance to 50m.

It kinda look like those watches worn when you’re about to be sent off to outer-space, and you’d get the whole vibe when you’re at the outlet – the whole outlook and design of the place looked really high-tech.

ImageThe Solar-looking Slate



Talking about high-tech stuff, gadget lovers will probably like the STORM Remex. With its unconventional clock-face features a sleek glass cover, complete with an unusual rotating disc dial detail for a futuristic twist, we felt like Captain Kirk about to be beamed up to the Starship Enterprise by Scotty.

Fans of Star Trek will understand what we meant…  🙂

And the sophisticated, lady-like ones like some of us would be in love with the Alexa, with its classic slim linked strap and the bold clock-face adorned with angled raised cut glass.

ImageThe stylish Alexa

Other collections include:

Mini LazerAqua
Pixie, White and Pink Aquatrio

The ever so charming staff was really patient entertaining to our requests to “can we try this…can we try that..?” requests. So when we saw that STORM not only has watches, but there were also some awesome-ly stylish fashion accessories, we went all ga-ga over them.

Look at them, and drool….

ImageThe bling-bling Crystal Collection


ImageThe macho Quin bracelet and necklace

The Quin collection is contemporary…

The Quin collection is masculine…

The Quin collection fits real men.

So in the end, one of us bought the Solar, one got herself the Crystal bling-bling, and the other was still contemplating on whether to get the Quin bracelet for her guy or not.

We say…buy it!!

STORM outlet is located in Sunway Pyramid at G1.95.


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