It’s not just any perfume, it’s Just Parfum!

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”  – says author C. Joybell C.

True that, we say, as wearing the right kind of perfume can boost your confidence – you’ll  feel as if you are walking on cloud nine.

Remember Ally Macbeal and the upbeat songs she listens to in her head while walking to work to keep herself happy?

Yeah, that’s what we meant.

Here’s a shout out for guys out there – Just Parfum has come up with “something blue” for the special ladies in your life: Blue Addiction from Lady Castagnette.

The eye-catching Blue Addiction

Embodying a wonderful fresh floral scent, Blue Addiction will get you so ‘addicted’ to wear it constantly, just as if you walked out of a garden full of blooming flowers!

What’s more, the fancy peacock feather is a rather chic and elegant touch added on to the bottle…and…for those ladies who have their eyes set on accessories, the ornament can actually be removed and used as a fashion accessory – be it a key chain, or attach it to your bag’s zipper.

So guys, now you’ve got more than one gift for the special woman in your life.

But fret not, Just Parfum is not forgetting the guys…they deserve to be pampered with luxurious, masculine scent as well..

And so..for him, there’s the Pour Lui, exclusively created for the charming men in your life. Brimming with the air of freshness of modern aromatic scent, this latest men’s fragrance from Mauboussin, provides a hint of macho-ness, yet maintaining the charismatic sensation.

Why not get him one, and see what a single spray of Pour Lui will do… 🙂

Maubossin’s Pour Lui

Wait..there are more in store..

Like your perfume in a simple, white packaging? Check out Blanc de Courrèges, available in 50ml and 90ml. For a touch of feminity, the White Patchouli is a perfect balance to the fragrances – and FYI – layering your perfume with the same scent of lotion or body wash would prolong the scent a lot longer.

Blanc de courreges
Pure white, pure innocence

Ladies…isn’t it so much fun being a woman? We have soooo many fragrances to choose from, don’t we? Feeling both glamourous and delicate at the same time? Then try dabbing on some Lulu ROSE, with its amber and woody notes that bring out its warmth and sensuality.

Oozing with sensuality
Oozing with sensuality

Call it vintage, retro, or even classic – the Fruit de Bois is an understated masterpiece of quality and standard. It’s woody scent will bring you to a nostalgic past when things were much easier and less complicated.

Yeap – we dab this on most often 🙂

Vintage piece
Vintage piece

For those who don’t know, here are some tips before you wear a stronger fragrance, such as an eau de parfum or a parfum classic:

1. Only dab perfume on your wrists and throat, as these are the pulse points on your body where your blood flows the strongest and the skin is the warmest.

2. Let’s say you wanted to wear an eau de toilette or an eau de cologne, you can also apply some behind your ears, on your chest, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. They work wonders in ‘spreading’ the scent around.. 🙂

3. If you’re more of a perfume-lover, spray it from a distance of five or six inches, depending on the concetration of the scent. Let us remind you though..the stronger the scent is, the further back you should hold the bottle.

4. You might think rubbing the perfume onto your skin will do it justice…NO!! Avoid that, as this practice damages the chemicals and changes the balance of the scent.

What you should do instead, is just simply spray a small amount onto your skin and let it dry naturally.

So don’t wait – exclusively for a short period, receive a gift when you “LIKE” the JustParfumMalaysia page on Facebook.

BUT…the offer is only limited to:

First come, first serve basis…
While stocks last AND
it is only one gift per LIKE per NEW customer 🙂

Just Parfum is located at LG1.115 in Sunway Pyramid.


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