S.O.S Food for Thoughts


Have you ever imagined waking up the next morning without having any food to eat?
Are you guilty of hogging the buffet line and filling every inch of your plate with every single dish on the spread?
Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

So many questions, which require some thoughts to answer.

For those who often take food for granted, spare some thoughts for our…Food for Thoughts.
Food for Thoughts’ is Sunway Pyramid’s S.O.S (which means Some Of Us) effort, in collaboration with Kechara, AEON and Cold Storage, organised for Jumble Station – a community project held for the underprivileged.

You can put the food items into the crates…

Food for Thoughts started from 11 January and will last until 24 February, as we encourage shoppers to put more thoughts into the food they consumed every day and appreciate them.

Take a bite out of hunger and provide better health and nutrition for those in need at the Jumble Station, by contributing non-perishable food items at LG2 in front of Cold Storage and AEON.

Among the much-needed items on the list include instant noodles, instant beverages, oats, milk powder, crackers or biscuits, cooking oil, salt, sugar, pasta and canned food.

Food…for your thoughts…

For your info, Jumble Station is a community outreach initiative aimed to help single parents and the underprivileged children. Founded in August 2007, the idea to start the initiative came from the 3 co-founders, who are Mary Anne Tan, Sanice Yap and Lim Lian See, getting together to organise jumble sales.

Since then, Jumble Station provides support to 80 – 100 families around Klang Valley, Subang Mewah, Cheras and Klang on regular basis, and the help ranges from food items, clothing, home appliances, and even up to job placement opportunities.

Jumble Station is also always on constant lookout for companies which can offer skills that can be passed on to the adults or children for them to utilize the acquired skills in the future. These skills include sewing, opportunity to learn business skills, dancing, using digital camera, computer skills, electrical and wiring skills and many more.

Some if the non-perishable items donated..

Let’s help the Jumble Station to wipe out hunger by donating the food items into the collection crates at:
LG2, in front of Cold Storage and AEON Supermarket
From 11 Jan until 24 Feb 2013.



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