Let us Show U how!

So you think Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar is all about smoothies?Well..think again!

There’s more to this than meets the eye 🙂

We bet that one of your resolutions this year (err…maybe every year?) is to eat more healthily, and so, if you still haven’t started on it yet, now it’s the time!

There are plenty of great, healthy offerings from Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar for you! Since one of us is really a health-freak (sorry..health-conscious), their mouth-watering dishes were just too hard for her to resist, and let us tell you why.

By the way, this ‘I-only-eat-healthy-food’ friend ended up with 3/4 of the sandwich, a huge plate of the salad, before finally washing them down with 2 glasses of smoothies. NICE!

Great thing about Show U Café  Bar is that it uses only the freshest fruits and vegetables – as evident in their Fruitilicious Salad. (as shown below).

This is seriously yummy!!

It combines the sweetness of strawberries, kiwis, mangoes and baby tomatoes (by the way, did you know that tomatoes are actually fruits, NOT vegetables?) with some fresh, leafy greens. To top it off, the salad is showered with a fruity plum sauce – which we were told was made from a safe-guarded, secret recipe. Several attempts to dig for the recipe proved to be futile, so we gave up and just ate.. 🙂

Mouthful Sandwich!

Do some layers of chicken meat, chicken ham, egg, greens, cheese, caramelised onions sound good to you?  We absolutely adored  the Perfect Ten sandwich, because it was sooooo…err..perfect!

It was filling, easy to digest, just nice for a quick, easy bite but could still give you the necessary nutrients of protein and carbs. With no intention to sound all ‘health-preachy’, this was definitely a complete meal on its own. Try it for yourself, and see whether Perfect Ten lives up to its name, or otherwise..

Oh-so-smooth smoothies!

Hang on for just a sec..before we move on to the next dish, let’s take a sip off the excellent smoothies, shall we?

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar has a lot of secrets, that’s for sure. Besides guarding their precious plum sauce recipe down to a T, they have their own signature health potions, made of natural fibers, prebiotic, phytonutrients and enzyme – which are then added into the blend of their healthy smoothies.

Let’s see..we tried the Kiwi Tango, Orange Paradise and Berry Fury, and…well..they left us speechless for a few minutes..why, you might ask?

First, it was the brain freeze..
Note to self: don’t swallow any cold drinks at one long slurp.
Second, that one long slurp took us to a frenzy, and why not, since the Orange Paradise is filled with Vitamin A, B and C plus flavanoids to help boost the immune system and improves vitality, Berry Fury is awesome with its antioxidant fringe benefit, while the Kiwi Tango has some mango bits that are excellent in antioxidant profile of Vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and minerals as well as enzymes to help fight free radicals in our bodies and aid in digestion.

See…?All to help you achieve that GLOW!

Carbs alert!

The Marine Carbo is created just for you, seafood fans. The creamy, white sauce didn’t leave that squeamish taste in our throats, which was great, coz usually the thick sauce tend to do that. The dish could definitely do with a lot more seafood though, coz we were actually fighting each other off for the prawns and cuttlefish, than the pasta itself!

So like we said earlier, Show U Café Bar offers a whole lot of healthy dishes to aid your digestive system, having a list of food range which has extraordinary cleansing and regenerating effect on the entire body.

Yes, at some point we’re all guilty  for putting a lot of rich, calorific food and alcohol into our body, which bound to leave us  feeling sluggish, lethargic, bloated, discomfort and quite often, a few (OK..a lot!!) kilos heavier.

Try the Easy Smoothies range for detoxing, and start to eat more healthily from now on, and get your 2013 resolution to eat more healthily done once and for all!

Remember, healthy food and drinks can be yummmmmyyyyy as well!

Show ‘U’ Cafe Bar is located @ LG2 2.77A.


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