The TOP 10 ‘Shanghai Beauty’ Photo Contest Finalists

After a month long contest, we have finally come to the day!

We are happy to announce the Top 10 finalists of our Shanghai Beauty Photo Contest. The contest asked participants to strike the BEST pose using props and costumes from the Shanghai Tang Dynasty and get their photo taken by a professional photographer. This contest has given a great opportunity to participants to dress up, enjoy the festive atmosphere and to WIN a free 5D4N holiday to Shanghai!

Wooo hooo! Many thanks to everyone who participated and to all who helped spread the word about this contest. And of course, well done to all of you especially those who made it to the TOP 10!

Now, what’s next??? VOTE!!! Vote for your favourite finalist.


We’ll let you decide!

So without further ado, here are the ‘TOP 10’ finalists in no particular order!

Voting period

8 Feb (6pm) – 18 Feb (8am)

Let’s start giving them STARS!!!!!!

Look forward to the subsequent posts here and rate them! You can find the rate button at the bottom of each post.


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