RESULTS of the ‘Shanghai Beauty’ Photo Contest

The Shanghai Beauty Contest is NOW closed (at 8am SHARP)!

Thank you, everyone for voting!

Here is the results of the Shanghai Beauty Contest:

WINNER: Shanghai Contest Finalist #7 with a staggering number of 4778 votes – 5 STARS!

This was follow closely behind by Shanghai Contest Finalist #3 with 4.5 STARS.


Shanghai Contest Finalist #7 – 4778 votes – 5 STARS!

Shanghai Contest Finalist #3 – 4103 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #2 – 218 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #5 – 214 votes – 4 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #10 – 165 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #1 – 68 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist # 8 – 44 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist # 4 – 41 votes – 4.5 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #6 – 13 votes – 3 STARS

Shanghai Contest Finalist #9 – 10 votes – 2 STARS

Congratulations to the winner and all finalists of the ‘Shanghai Beauty’ Photo Contest. Thank you for participating in this contest. =)


7 thoughts on “RESULTS of the ‘Shanghai Beauty’ Photo Contest

  1. And Sunway Pyramid is clueless about fake accounts casting votes? 2 entries competing against each other, chasing votes hitting a staggering 4000 votes while the other entries with just a low of few hundred votes? Sunway Pyramid is just so naive. You pride yourself as a leading company?

  2. And if you are a company who values integrity and wants to be fair to other contestants, you should dig deeper into those votes. How many of those votes are from foreign profiles and why should they even be bothered about this voting contest. What is it for them? And how many hundreds of votes were cast during the last few hours? Don’t be a fool. You are making yourself a laughing stock along with many other big companies who knew nothing about fake accounts casting votes.

    Google about Face book fake voting and you will find the truth.

    Now the question is, will you leave the other contestants half hanging and lose for no reason just because some other people may have cheated? Is this a fair contest? What is your point then in having this contest?

  3. LoL, you desperately want to go shanghai, Feel funny that you’re so mean to a baby and the trio. Sad…are you the 2nd runner up? Hello, It’s just a game, try to be more friendly and steady instead of being a dog here, keeps barking.

    Congratulation to the champion #7, you deserve the grand prize, Happy Chinese New year.

  4. The winner has only 41 Facebook friends who had viewed the photo yet has over 4,700 total votes? Ha ha ha! Is this a real contest or is it April fools day already?

  5. Voters vote thru the sunway pyramid link, not thru Facebook. Facebook shares is not the indicator.
    Friends, family, neighbours, ex-neighbours, colleagues, association members, church members and even the complete stranger can vote and who is to stop them or to know ? Why the sour grapes ? Anyway, congratulations to cute baby #7 !

  6. Ha ha.. 41 FB share doesn’t mean 41 friends dude. 1 share can leads to 1000 votes. In that case, she just needs 5 friends. Joker of the year! Ha ha ha..

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