Month: March 2013

Mid Sale Season @ Topshop & Topman

Collect points when you shop @ Topshop & Topman
Collect points when you shop @ Topshop & Topman

Date: 28 March 2013

Exclusive members get to collect points when shopping at Topshop and Topman.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


Topshop & Topman, G1.26 -G1.27

Contact: 03-7492 2439


Mid Season Sale @ Miss Selfridge

Collect point when you shop @ Miss Selfridge
Collect point when you shop @ Miss Selfridge

Date: 28 March 2013

Exclusive members get to collect more points when shopping at Miss Selfridge.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply.


Miss Selfridge, G1.31

Contact: 03-7492 0701

GP Sale @ Crocs


GP Sale
GP Sale @ Crocs

Promotion Duration: 26 – 31 March 2013

During the Grand Prix season, come and get yourself a pair of comfy Crocs, especially if you are planning to be on your feet for long hours, through rain or through shine or gonna walk a lot while doing some sight see.


Crocs, G1.137

Contact: 03-5633 6801

Lift up your ‘twins’ – the right way


So many choices, so many types, so many designs, so many functions.

Meant to be worn as innerwear and out of sight, bras are now acceptable worn as outerwear as well – team the sexy lace bustier with a jacket – and wallah! You’ll shine in the boardroom – just remember NOT to take off the jacket!

Just give a little bit of ‘peek’ of your twin peaks 🙂

Worry of not being too “well-endowed” on the front? Fret not, as there’s this invention called the “Plunge Bra” which will help you in that department. Its’ deep plunging “U” (or “V) shape provides the ultimate comfort and support, while giving you the extra, extra ooommppph that you need to have fuller-looking busts 🙂

Wear a matching set
Go deep 🙂

Dare to go daring and bold by donning that low cut tops or dresses? Then the plunge bra or half-cup bra are perfect for the outfit!

While bras are great to keep your “assets” in check, there are things that you need to bear in mind before buying them. As we were recently ‘educated’ on the importance of wearing the right bra, here are some bits that we’ve managed to jot down, and thought we’d share them with you:

  • Size does matter
    It’s easy to just estimate how big (or small) your breasts by looking at them, or do the ‘cupping’ on your own – that is to put your palms onto them and simply said “they are these big”  (spreading out the palm of your hands) to the sales assistant.
    Or just size up the bras on display against your palms. An absolute no-no!
    Before going bra-shopping, either use the measuring tape to get your size OR ask the shop assistant to help you out. They are trained to do so.
A bunch of show-offs, from La Senza
  • It’s all about the time (of the month)
    A few days before your period, or even while having it, your body (especially your breasts) will be going through some hormonal changes. As the breasts will be bigger than usual – hence that ‘swollen’ feeling – avoid buying bras during the time.
  • Always, always try them on
    You see the design and colour that you like, and since you’re so pressed for time, it’s tempted to just go ahead and buy the bra. Take note – NO! Not all bras are the same; they could be the same size, but due to differences in the cutting style, fabric, brand etc, the fit might be different.
    Put them on and see if they are perfect for you.
Great things come in 3 🙂
Sabela – for sophisticated ladies – from XIXILI
Annalisa slip – part of XIXILI’s collection

At the end of the day, give your breasts and body a breather by slipping into a…err..slip (that’s a nightgown or nightie).

Sleep with no bras on, as like all of us, they need to have a break too.

As the GP sales are still on – let’s do some bra shopping, shall we?