It’s all about Going Green!

Before the evolution of the e-Book, there’s this thing called..err..actual book, where you get to flip the pages, hold the hard cover versions until your arms get sore  and smell the whiff of freshly pressed pages (or even the old, ancient books that you check out from the library – remember those?)

So anyway, in the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum, all residents and visitors to the Emerald City were required to wear green-tinted glasses to make everything appear green.

In fact, apparently the most striking feature about Oz was how green and pleasant the country was.

And so, wonderful people of the Earth, since March is the Green Month, and we’re in fact Going Green, we thought why not ‘Go Green’ in all sense – and do it with style?

First, ditch the car, motorcycle etc and start walking. Put on your best gear / outfit and go hiking looking your best.

There are so many hills and recreational parks around the states, like Bukit Broga (Broga Hill), Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing (Bukit Gasing Educational Forest), or the FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) – and with all the huffing and puffing while hiking, you’ll be in great shape in no time!

Pick your style!
Enjoy the nature – in all things green!
Put on most comfortable pumps, and start walking everywhere!

Why are we Going Green, you may ask?
Well, we need to save the Earth from toxic – there are less chemicals and pesticides in organic products, so you won’t poison the soil, water, air, and even your body as much!

Why not try some organic products from now on – starting with organic salad for lunch today?

Healthy Greens

If you think wearing green from the top to bottom will make you look like that Gigantic Guy who turns humongous and green when he’s mad, then try putting on some green jewelleries into your wardrobe, maybe something as simple as a green necklace?

Maybe, just maybe, by putting something green on, you can remind yourself to do one green thing daily, even something that seems so mundane like stop using plastic bag and start using recyclable bag instead?

Wear something green to remind yourself to go green…

Did you know that the dust from a polluted air contains a lot of disgusting stuff like human and animals’ hair, skin particles, fungal spores and others? Your health can be affected by inhaling dirty air, even in your own house…shivers!

Get something green for a gift.

Join in the efforts to save the Earth by Going Green, and kick start the habit in your young ones since they are..err..young by joining fun-filled and educational activities like Sunway Pyramid’s Go Green With Leo & Friends workshops, during selected weekends in March 2013.

Find out more on our website or call 03-7494 3102.

Not only will they learn how to save the environment, practise the knowledge everywhere they go and tell everyone else about it too, the Green Rangers will also get a bag filled with fun goodies!

starting 'em young!
Starting ’em young!
After all Green efforts are done, relax and have some..err Green cake!

Lets save the Earth, coz we have nowhere else to go now, do we?


Locations of the shops in Sunway Pyramid – as pictures were used above:

Timberland – G1.33
Bonita – LG1.127
Crabtree & Eevelyn – G1.136
Diva – G1.37
Cupcake Chic – F1.87



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