Let’s Do Casual (Fashion)!

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky“.
Oh come on, admit it, sometimes we DO still hum the lyrics to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, even to ourselves, right?

Are you wondering what does the lullaby got to do with casual fashion?

Well, it was authored by Jane Taylor, whose younger sister Ann Taylor, a fellow English poet and children’s author said this:

“The most important thing to wear is a smile”.

Weekends are usually when we ladies have our ‘off’ days from:

  • Strict, uptight (and tight) office attire
  • Cakes of make- up loaded onto our faces
  • Heels or stilettos

So let’s have a take at some casual, more relaxed styles to lounge about during the weekends, shall we?

Some of us go for the hippie style, also called boho, bohemian or boho chic fashion.

Hippie Chic
Splash of colours

The style got picked up since the 1960s, during the era that saw retro elegance coexisting with casual or gypsy fashion.

With bright colours and bold cuts, which included the head scarves, handkerchiefs and hoop earrings and the famous tie-dyes, the Bohemian look oozes a sense of hip and uber-coolness for the wearers.

Even now, it’s still made popular by Hollywood celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Heidi Klum, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and the likes.

Not only that, casual fashion also defines comfort, as the style is meant to be worn as loose-fitting garments.


So don’t worry, as it could hide layers of ‘tummy-folds’, ‘bat wings’ (those are the flesh hanging from under the arms), thunder thighs and so on.

Funky t-shirts emblazed with witty wordings or amusing pictures suit the casual look as well.

Top, errr top 🙂
Casually bold

You could team the flowy skirt or dresses with ballet pums, flip flops, colourful purses, and all sorts of exotic looking accessories.

Give the heels a break from the errr….heels 🙂
Going green in pumps
Just a purse, or 2 for the weekends
Take your pick
Great for strolling!

And as for men, well, you can’t go wrong with t-shirts, shorts and jeans!

We’ll feature more of men’s fashion soon…

Casual Cool

You could also inject some of the ‘casualness’ of the style into your formal wardrobe for the office.

How, you may ask?

Well, stay tuned to more fashion tips from us!


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