Oz, the Great and the Powerful

Oz, the Great and Powerful
Oz, the Great and Powerful

Oscar Diggs, or Oz, (starred by James Franco) is a carnival magician who wished to be great and one day, he was swept by a tornado and ended up in the Land of Oz where he was given a difficult mission to defeat the wicked witch.

Wait a minute. Is this the same Wizard of Oz we know? You know, the one where there was this little girl, Dorothy, who sang ‘Over the Rainbow’ in one of those old movies? Well, not exactly, but yeah, it’s still the Land of Oz and yep, it’s a remake of the classical Wizard of Oz (1939) we all love.

We were a little confused at first because we did expect to see Dorothy again, maybe the grown up version of her (oh dear, we compared this to Alice and the Wonderland, didn’t we?) but then again, with the Land of Oz planted so deeply in our hearts, it will be extremely difficult for us to accept a remake and sooo, yep, we agreed with what its director Sam Raimi did to refresh the storyline while keeping some of the classical essence of what make the Land of Oz endearing in our hearts.

This Oz, the Great and Powerful is a more grown up version of Wizard of Oz, powerfully entwined in a romance plot and it was fun to see how the charming James Franco played Oz, a character who believed that he was a bad man and how he encountered the beautiful ladies – the witches Theodora (starred by Mila Kunis), Evanora (starred by Rachel Weisz)and Glinda (starred by Michelle Williams).

What we didn’t like about the movie was also what made it… nice. Sounds confusing, yeah… but what we meant are the cheesy lines, the stereotypes and all that flirting… at the end of the day, while we hated them, it was those lines and stereotypes that made the movie very entertaining. It was also interesting to see how Oscar struggled to stay through his mission. It’s a fun movie by Disney and we know the children will love it.

How it fared for us adults though? Well, we give this movie 2.5 stars. It will be nice to watch this movie but we wouldn’t put this in your must-watch list. Then again, this is our personal opinion. How many stars would you rate this movie? Who are your favourite characters in this movie? Tell us because we want to know.


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