Nothing crude ’bout The Croods


Now, what does The Croods have anything to do with a Malaysian, you may ask?

Well well well..the pride of our nation, the wonderful vocalist from Kedah, our local girl Yunalis Zarai, otherwise known as Yuna has lent her husky, melodious voice to the soundtrack of the animated film.

Belting out the title track for The Croods, singing a duet with Owl City to “Shine My Way”, Yuna certainly did us proud, especially since the film itself ‘shone’ at the box-office.

With Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds lending their voices to the main characters, The Croods is an animated story about a close-knit, primitive family who just about to manage in living their barbaric live to survive various dangers.

Thanks to the overprotective father, Grug (Nicolas Cage),  (seriously, if our dads are like him, we’d be like…arghhh!!) who is (literally AND figuratively) obsessed AND possessed with a paralysing fear of anything new, the whole family lives their lives “safely” in the dark, clammy cave they called home.

But then, there’d always be ONE rebel in the family as it is, and lo’ and behold, the daughter, Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) is just too adventurous, bold and daring to be kept in the ‘cage’ they called the cave. Well, as with any other defiant teenager (we’ve all been at that stage before, haven’t we?), she did the total opposite and went against everything that her father ordered her NOT to do.

Enter Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a hippie / free-thinker / high-spirited / oh and jean-wearing..err..guy and his pet-cum-side-kick sloth, Belt (who is hilarious by the way), who ‘lures’ Eep out of the darkness (yeah, ironic, we know) and wishes to show her a lot of wonders of the world.

Without giving too much away needless to say, Guy has opened Eep’s, and the rest of the families’ (including Grug’s) eyes that there are so many wonderful things that await them out of the cave, and taught them a few things about surviving in the wildnerness.

Which includes some rather amusing antics on how to trap a prey.

Yes, we enjoyed the has some funny bits…BUT…

We also thought that the same ol’, same ol’ formula is repeated again and again, making the whole movie slightly bumpy and lopsided.

Yeah, we got that messages of ‘family-togetherness’ and ‘all that is new is dangerous…and YOU WILL DIE!’ coz they were really (and we mean REALLY) emphasised throughout the film that at some point, it bored us to..err..death..(a bit dramatic, that we know).

But STOP IT already..please…

And really.. what was the ‘real threat’, coz the “end of the world” (as Guy puts it) didn’t really seem like the real McCoy…

Oh yeah… Eep truly resembles that other girl from that other animated movie, with the same wild, frizzy, unkempt red hair and the same daring and bold attitude to match. Couldn’t she have been…say…a brunette? Or even raven-haired?

Having said that though, The Croods offers a colourful, light entertainment for the whole family, and serves as an excellent comedy relief after a hard day. Ever wondered how they used to take photos back in the (extremely) old days, or how belt was created?

We say – watch The Croods to find out 🙂

We watched the movie at TGV, located at F1.MZN.1 in Sunway Pyramid.


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