Shopping Fashion Styles Series: Apparels

Planning to flock the mall after work or during the weekend? Whom are you hanging out with? Loved ones, family or friends? Why are you going to the mall (besides shopping)? Maybe… boy or girl-hunting? All of these will determine your fashion mood of the day. The most important thing is, you want to look good and feel comfortable too because shopping = lots of walking.

Sooooo, whichever the weather it is, here are some we’ve spotted that we think made it to our Shopping Fashion Style List under the Apparels category.


This is everyone’s favourite genre – comfortable and classy. Clothes in this category are not just designed to look good but also functional at the same time so that you can move around more easily. Soooo, don’t worry about stretching your arms too far. Your sleeves will give you room to just do that.

Hush Puppies Apparels
Hush Puppies Apparels for the family

Hush Puppies Apparels, LG1.60

This season, Hush Puppies bring you the Oriental Joy, its latest SPRING Collection 2013, themed “Blooms & Blossoms” fit for the whole family, featuring stunning, surprising shades that encapsulates the vibrant colors of Spring with touches of fruit and flora hues and decorative printed, embroidered composition of floral motifs that evokes a season of springtime within oriental themed gardens.


Levi’s®, G1.91

You can’t go wrong mixing with jeans and tee. This Spring/Summer 2013, the Levi’s® brand is marking the 140th anniversary of its iconic 501® jeans by introducing a non-denim Levi’s® 501® collection for the first time. Breaking with tradition, yet maintaining the product’s true essence and timeless spirit, the four-piece non-denim collection is available in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red.


Springfield, G1.06

Put on a shirt that is totally you – or better still, designed by you. At Springfield’s brand new Shirt Bar, you can customize your shirt with different elements: patches, buttons and collars. Based on the classic Springfield regular fit you can now choose your favourite man´s shirt within 3 mini-collections under the Shirt Bar range and then change collars, buttons or add  patches as much as you like.


Looking smart is all about being presentable and adorning the look to kill. Well, metaphorically speaking. How do you capture this look even though you may look like Plain Jane or Average Joe? Let the clothes liberate you from your captivity:


G2000, G1.108

Through the inspiration of metropolitan and upscale executive, G2000’s spring’13 Collections collection strikes a balance between dressy and smart casual for both men and women – which has long been G2000’s stronghold.


Being funky is all about being unconventional. Instead of those boring tees and long pretty next door girl skirts and church boy shirt, just put on something out of the ordinary for once. After all, we are only young once. *wink*


Elyze, LG1.116

Bring out the rock chic in you by draping on the bold black patterns of Elyze. It is loud, edgy, different and definitely make heads turn.


Unveil the aristrocrat in you by choosing the right clothes. Let them transform you and bring you to a whole new world of beauty, feminity and sensuality.

Chain Linked Dual Layered Dress from eclipse

Eclipse, G1.63

The softness of Eclipse’s Chain Linked Dual Layered dress is part of the brand’s Spring Summer 2013 Collection themed ‘In The Mood of Serenity’ that is classy, elegant, sensual and feminine.

Soooo, those are what made it to our Shopping Fashion Styles this season. What would your style be? Or what are your other fashion styles besides those listed here while you go shopping?


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