The Yummies from Garden Lifestyle Cafe

Yes, it has a very ‘green’ ambiance, making you feel as if you’re having a picnic rather than being at a restaurant.

Yes, it gives that ‘garden effect’ on you, making you feel as if you’re on a romantic stroll and date at the park.

But hey, with its’ new lunch menu set, Garden Lifestyle Store & Café offers that of the above, and more!

It caters to a range of taste buds, from Italian, Chinese, Malay to Mexican food that will certainly suit whatever you fancy of having during lunch.


We started with the Pumpkin Soup, and though we felt it would have been better served HOT, nevertheless we could taste some pumpkin bits in it.

Here are some of the items in the new lunch set menu: (oohhh…you’ll surely drool!)

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Garden Fried Rice
Grilled Sea Bass n Ratatouille
Oglio Olio
Penne Pasta with Dory Fish
Sous Vide Salted Wolfberry Chicken with Rice

We were served with FIRST – the Sous Vide Salted Wolfberry Chicken with Rice – oh such a fancy name, right?

It was really a salted, herb infused chicken, which we were told a normal staple for Chinese families. Those who are already accustomed to the ‘saltiness’ of the chicken, would love this dish – and those who are not, well…it really required you to have a few bites before you finally get used to the taste 🙂

Tandoori Chicken Pita
Tangy Belacan Fried Rice with Wings
Thai Style Green Curry Beef with Rice

The second was the Thai Style Green Curry with Rice – which proved to be a hit for us! The green curry tasted much better than some of the original ones (as made in Thai restaurants) that we’ve tasted before – and the beef was tender and juicy too!

Tortilla Chicken with Melted Cheese

Tortilla Chicken with Melted Cheese was our third dish – a great choice for those who usually like a light lunch. The Mexican dish was nice, but we felt that it might have been better off WITHOUT the cheese load on the tortilla, but hey – that’s our two-cents’ worth! You might enjoy the cheese though!

Throughout the meal, we really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that the Café offered – in fact, it has a special room for events or parties – and it’s FREE OF CHARGE! All you have to do is book in advance, and they even cater to buffet meals according to your choice!

How awesome is that!


A meal, is of course, incomplete without a dessert. And so, the chocolate brownie came in last – with ice-cream on top. Now, we might be used to the idea of hot brownie eaten with ice-cream right?

Well, here at Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, they serve it cold, as it’s their ‘signature’.

Keen to try the taste? We were certainly ‘fully-loaded’ after that, so have a go at the new lunch menu set!

Garden Lifestyle Lifestyle & Café is located at LG2.126, and you can contact them at 03 – 56321248 for more info.


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