Healthy, sweet treats from Komugi             

Komugi means wheat. Yeap, bet you didn’t know that huh?

Well, you wouldn’t, unless you’ve asked ‘Uncle’ Google or you’re speak Japanese, or YOU ARE Japanese of course! 🙂

Komugi Outlet
Komugi in Sunway Pyramid

And yeayy..Komugi, the Japanese Bakery has now opened its doors in Sunway Pyramid, and guess who were invited to taste some of the wonderful delights of the cakes, breads, buns and sweet treats?

Err..that’s us..(as if you need to be told huh? Hehe)

Komugi Outlet
Yummy bread in Komugi

With the bright and cheery ambiance of the bakery, it’s hard to just look around and not buy anything..Which is why, when Kenson, the Outlet Manager and Sheila Wong, Komugi’s Senior Executive greeted us with some offerings of the treats, we greedily took them and off they went into our mouth.

Talk about gluttony.

Sweets for the sweet!
Drooling over the macaroons!

Some of the best sellers in the ‘Hard Bread’ category include the Sausage & Cheese, Cranberry & Lemon, Olive (with huge chunks of olives inside!).

“The middle section of the bakery is where we put all of the Hard Bread items”, said Kenson. “The idea is still new to the locals here though, and they are not too keen on the hard bread, as they are more used to the soft buns.”

Sausage & Cheese
Cranberry & Lemon

But fret not, as according to Kenson, the staff are ever-ready to explain how to store and reheat Japanese Bread, and pamphlets are placed at the counter to guide customers how to do it at home.

“The hard bread doughs were freshly brought from the factory,” said Sheila, adding that “and here, in the bakery, the staff will mould and shape them accordingly.”

Hard or soft – we liked them all!


Next in line were the sweet treats – oh forgive us for salivating! Here’s what we thought of them:

Krone – The mustard oozing out from the crust was simply divine! Perfect for those who adore creamy custard.

Cream Puff – Err…NYUMMY!

Krone & Cream Puff
Hanjuku Cheese

Hanjuku Cheese Cake – Love Love Love! Oh, did you know that ‘hanjuku’ means half baked?

The wonderful puddings

Puddings – All 3 flavours: Strawberry, Mango & Chocolate were all equally delicious! Another 2 flavours are coming soon, according to Kenson. And we can’t wait!

Colours aplenty!

Macaroons – Aaaahhh…These lovely treats simply melt in our mouths…BUT beware, they are extremely sweeeettttt!

Sugar Butter

Then came the soft buns – and some that we’ve tasted were the Sweet Potato and Tomato & Olive.

Sweet Potato Bun
Tomato & Olive

And that, transported us to ‘Bun Heaven’  🙂

The Sweet Potato bun looked exactly like errr…sweet potato, and the fillings were sublime!
We didn’t think we’d like it, BUT that was actually one of our favs!

The Tomato & Olive also got some thumbs-up.

Hard at work

Sandwiches are also on offer at the bakery, and some include the Crabtree & Egg, Tuna & Cheese and Ham & Egg – for those who are always on the go.

Oh yeah, and the sandwiches and soft buns are made and baked freshly at the Bakery – for the ultimate eating pleasure.

Soft Buns range
Sandwiches anyone?

So, with all the treats offered in Komugi, how about for those who are more keen on eating the healthy range?

Ah hah! Worry not all you healthy-eating folks out there, coz Komugi also has the Multigrain, Mini Oat Paneo and Green Tea Red Bean – made just with you in mind 🙂

These, are actually wonderful treats for those who go ga-ga over oats and grains, coz they are absolutely yummy!

Mini Oat Paneo
Green Tea Red Bean

With all the sugar rush and tasteful , quality bread and treats we’ve tasted, we suddenly have the urge to be poetic, and echoing the words of English poet Robert Browning:

If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.”


Komugi, LG2.47


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