Fashion & Grooming


A-Saloon has a make-over. Which better place to go have a make-over than a place that itself already undergone a major make-over and knows what it is all about? Jokes aside, if you are really considering a make-over for whatever reason there is, let the experts in A-Saloon handle your image with meticulous care so you don’t have to worry about how you look for a long, long time.  😉


A-Saloon, F1.77

Contact: 03-5638 0388


Get apparels like bags and shoes perfect for the girl-next-door, yeah, just like a girl who could be called Daphne. Colour-blocking is Daphne’s style, bright bold colours for the simple, down-to-earth darling girl who is easily contented with life in itself. For those who associate with a Daphne, come by and see if Daphne’s next-door personal taste suits you just right.


Daphne, G1.90


At CHOICE, you are simply spoilt for choices because here, you can find evening gowns that look elegant ranging from mid-casual to formal at a non-premium price. If your formal dinner has a certain colour themed dress code, you can be assured that Choice got that covered too because the outlet has evening gowns from almost any colour. Lucky you!



Mega Shoes
MEGA Shoes

Having a pair of MEGA footwear is a mega thing because this refurbished outlet has shoes, sandals for ladies even slippers and really sleek shoes. Yep, the outlet has your different personas covered whether it’s for work or play, casual day out with friends or going on a date, for both male and female. Styles vary to suit the weather of moods also. Products here can cost quite a bit, but that’s cause they look pretty nice. You can always decide if they deserve your money, ya’know.


MEGA Shoes, F1.68


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