Italian Food @ Capricciosa


When this Japanese-owned Italian restaurant first opened in Sunway Pyramid back in 2011 as the first flagship restaurant in the country, it was news and we wondered why. We heard that the Japanese were happy to see their home brand making it overseas, even to the Malaysian shores. It’s been almost two years now and it is still our favourite dining place and we’ll tell you why.

But first up, just a little bit of history of this restauraunt… Capricciosa was founded by award-winning chef Masaaki Honda whose love for Italian cuisines prompted him to go all the way to Italy for a loooong time to learn how to create these mouth-watering cuisines. According to the Malay Mail, Honda was the one who have educated the Japanese about experiencing the ‘al dante’ pastas – pastas that are cooked to order and not 100 per cent done, giving each bite a crunchy texture.

Capricciosa is an unassuming place, or so we thought, as we walked into an earthy and wooden interior that allowed us to settle in a comfortable ambience. The choices are many. It was difficult to decide because everything looks nice on the menu and as we smiled towards the friendly waiters and waitresses dressed in the outlet’s green signature uniform, we asked for a recommendation.

Newbies to the Capricciosa experience are recommended to go for the classics first and that includes the rice croquette, the Caesar Salad or the lasagna accompanied with any pasta on the menu that suits your liking.

Seafood Spaghetti - Mussels, calamari and tuna in tomato sauce.
Seafood Spaghetti – Mussels, calamari and tuna in tomato sauce.

What we would like to recommend to some (but not for all) – anything that has mussels in it because the mussels in Capricciosa is lip-smacking, unforgettable and… ohhhhh…. nice; fresh, not too chewy and seasoned perfectly with dressings that bring out the freshness of the seafood itself. Yummm!

Squid Ink
Squid Ink

The more adventurous ones who dare to try anything, the black squid ink pasta that will get your teeth and lips black and murky, is a must-try. Don’t ask us why, just try it first then tell us how you like your squid ink pasta. 😉

Rice Croquette (CLASSIC)
Rice Croquette (CLASSIC)

Next up, is this peculiar looking rice ball called the rice croquette. What is nice about this rice croquette is the richness of its flavours in this little bowl. It’s thick with tomato puree, enveloping its filling – rice that has cheese melted into perfection on every grain. It tastes even better when it is hot and steamy.  The not so good side of this is this is a very filling dish and it may fill up small eaters so you may not be able to try other yummy dishes here soooo… if you really want to try the best dishes here, we suggest you strategise your menu and eating portions wisely and always SHARE your food. 😉

Caesar Salad (CLASSIC)
Caesar Salad (CLASSIC)

The Caesar Salad. Of course…. salad… but why, salad? Don’t cringe at the sound of the word ‘salad’. The Capricciosa’s Caesar Salad could possibly convert you to try different salads elsewhere… cause that happened to us. We weren’t fans of salad to begin with and the Caesar Salad here changed our perspective… salads can be yummy too. As for this Capricciosa classic, we absolutely love the combination of the fresh, crispy leaves and bits of crispy savoury bread and corns and tomato and… other healthy goodness dribbled with olive oil and cheese flakes. This is another nice dish to share out with friends, family and loved ones, minus the guilt of overindulgence.

Spicy Seafood Aglio Oglio
Spicy Seafood Aglio Oglio

The pastas here are to die for. Living up to its reputation to serve only al dante pastas, you can taste the freshness in every single strand of pasta. Capricciosa has so many choices of pasta; we have to wish you luck trying to decide which to have. The clue is to go for something that you like and you can’t go wrong. We prefer the creamy pastas because it adds so much richness to the pasta and how the pasta absorbs the flavours. We like how the ingredients, which are very fresh, come together and perfect every dish. Despite its many choices, every dish has very strong characteristics. The savoury taste of most of the dishes here is best washed down with its refreshing beverages such as the Fruit Punch of the Paradise Breeze.

The desserts are quite yummy too but we’ll save that review for another time. As for now, bon appétit.


Capricciosa, OB3.LG2.2


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