Outlet Highlights This Week!


Seen @ G1.89

Have you seen this? This beautiful outlet is previously known as ProEyes Studio now has a new look and we absolutely love it. In fact, this is the pioneer outlet that is carrying this fresh new look. Aren’t we proud? Featuring branded eye glasses such as Tag Heur, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith, Police, Rudy Project, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo eye wear, Karen Walker eye wear, Rolf Staffan, Preutz Design and ic! Berlin.

Miss T
Miss T

Miss T, LG2.81

Miss T is back in action and don’t you just love the bright new look and colourful products? Get great gifts for your girlfriends here, featuring pretty pillows, soft toys and bags………. lotsa, lotsa, lotsa pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty bags. Oh, girly girl, this is your stop and you know that.

Black Queen
Black Queen

Black Queen, LG2.108 & 2.109

Oh, hail, O Queen! Get enthroned and adorned with pretty jewelleries that befit you and your wardrobe. This new outlet in Marrakesh feature the prettiest adornings ranging from necklaces, bracelets to headwear that is charming and available in many varieties.


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