9 Dragons by Michael Connelly

9 Dragons by Michael Connelly

9 Dragons (2009) is a long-running series by Michael Connelly, the 15th book in the Harry Bosch series which began in 1992 revolving a detective called… yep… Harry Bosch. This is one of Connelly’s most unique writing as he wrote this American detective who knew nothing about the culture of the Chinese having to learn it in a short time to put the culprit who murdered a store owner in China Town, Los Angeles, behind bars. What started out as a determination to put the murderer behind bars ended up becoming a personal pursuit to rescue his loved one. In a race against time, will Bosch succeed to rescue both the murderer and his family?

The writings by Connelly in 9 Dragons were impressive and as an Asian, we enjoyed going through the mind of the American character while he tried to understand the Chinese culture and the notorious underground gangsters and we enjoyed how the story progressed as it described in detail especially the relationship between the main character with his work partners and also all his other relationships including his superior and his family. It was nice how we gradually found out how the main character turned out to be quite an arrogant person too.

What we didn’t like about the book was how the author kept switching from the first name, Bosch and at times Harry. While in understanding, how one character calls another determines the relationship with another, for example, calling Harry instead of Bosch mean that the character has more informal relationship with the main character, we noticed that this name switching from Bosch to Harry and back to Bosch is even mentioned in the narratives, which made the reading slightly unpleasant. We reckon the author must have a reason for that but in the mean time, before our understanding comes, it will remain as an ugly mark in the book.

Apart from that, how the author described in details the sight and scenes of Hong Kong and how the 9 Dragons came in play and its the history was one of the main highlights of the novel. We really recommend you to read this book and perhaps follow through the entire novel right from Book 1. You can see the listings of the books from here:


As for now, keep on reading and… happy reading!


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