Check out the Sunway Heritage Sight!

Have you ever wonder how Sunway Resort City came about?

Did you know that Sunway Resort City is a rehabilitated ex-mining land?

You could get all answers – when you drop by the Sunway Heritage Sight, at the patio outside Garden Lifestyle Café, overlooking the awesome Vuvuzela in Sunway Lagoon.

The Sunway Heritage Sight will take you down the memory lane of how it all started.

Just FYI – even as early as 1857, alluvial tin was readily accessible from a lot of river valley floors, including Bandar Sunway as it was known then.

Employing simple methods, miners produced tin as the demands increased and – here’s the awesome part – Malaya (that was how Malaysia was known back then, and before that it was Tanah Melayu) was the largest tin producer in the world.

Sunway Resort City used to be a mining field
Sunway Resort City used to be a mining field

In the olden days of mining, the palong allowed water and sluice which contained mud, sand and tin ore to flow over it, and miners would separate tin ore on the palong, which was basically a big wooden sluice box.

One of the most common methods used in the past was Gravel Pumping. The water, in this instance under hydraulic pressure, cuts into the mine face, breaking up the tin-bearing material and washing it down into the sump in which the gravel pump is situated at the bottom of the mine. The Gravel Pumping was used in rehabilitating Bandar Sunway as it is known now.

Another traditional way was the ‘mendulang’ technique. ‘Dulang’ (pan) washing is where tin gets separated from the soil by sieving it in water using a wooden conical-shaped pan.

Fast forward a bit, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO, the Founder and Chairman of Sunway Group had a vision and dream, in turning a 800-acre mining land into an exclusive township, now known as Sunway Resort City.

Sunway Resort City in the making
Sunway Resort City in the making

Check out his photo at the Sunway Heritage Sight, in discussion with Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik, the former Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister (right) and a team member of the project management in 1990, at the site of the 800-acre mining land.

The Sunway Heritage Sight also offers the info on the construction of Sunway Lagoon, with pictures during its constructions, and the latest attractions it now has.

The Latest Attraction at Sunway Lagoon!
The Latest Attraction at Sunway Lagoon!

BTW, find out who officially opened the theme park – get the answer from the Sunway Heritage Sight.

The Sunway Resort City Today!
Sunway Pyramid, a beautiful sight indeed

So now, Sunway Resort City stands as the only Integrated Resort City in Malaysia with seven key components (Healthcare, Retail, Leisure, Hospitality, Education, Residential and Commercial) epitomising Sunway’s trademark “Resort Living Within A City” concept. It remains today as one of the region’s most preferred tourist destinations.

How awesome is that?

Well, what do you waiting for? Sunway Heritage Sight is open from 10am – 10pm, everyday 🙂


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