The Loaf

“Looks can be deceiving”, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – so go a lot of proverbs and sayings about not to take things as how they appear.

Well, we could say the same for The Loaf, as initially, though we were really, really, really keen on buying the food from there, we kinda hesitated a bit as we thought..

“If it’s co-owned by the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, surely only the rich and famous go there, leaving us mere mortals to buy breads and buns at our local neighbourhood bakeries?”


The Loaf located near the Orange Concourse at LG2
The Loaf located near the Orange Concourse at LG2

The Loaf, opened for business in Sunway Pyramid just a few months back, offers prices a price range which is slightly expensive than your usual, local neighbourhood bakeries for some reasons:

1 – The Loaf is a gourmet bakery, but still caters to everybody from all walks of life

2 – The Loaf specialises in making premium fresh breads and pastries with traditional Japanese techniques.

3 – The Loaf offer traditional and local delicacies, and creative and innovative baked goods.

4 – The Loaf only uses the finest local and imported ingredients, especially from Japan.

5 – The Loaf puts the emphasis in creative presentation so that everything looks delicious – and they certainly are!

Let’s start the attempts to make you guys drool, okay!

Spice Up Your Life with These Lovely Spicy Breads
Spice Up Your Life with These Lovely Spicy Breads
For spicier choices, here are more to choose from
For spicier choices, here are more to choose from

We kick-started the food tasting with the Spicy Breads, which included the:

  • Hot beef with curry (The spicier, the better!)
  • Chilli prawn (some of us didn’t take prawns due to seafood allergy, oh but the rest, who tasted it…just melted with satisfaction!!)
  • Green Potato (Double the carbs = potato + bread)
  • Rajma (which was filled with kidney beans, with added chillies)
  • Curry rendang (this one was a hit with everyone!)
  • Tuna curry (Hmm….drool….it was soooo good)
  • Potato Tandoori (It could do with a little bit more spiciness)
  • Anchovies (another HIT, it was finished in seconds!) 
They look almost too good too be true. Yummm!!!
They look almost too good too be true. Yummm!!!

Ohhhh!!!!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!!!

The Loaf’ prides itself in incorporating the Japanese and European (French specifically) baking techniques, resulting in excellent and exquisite taste of breads and pastries.

Have we mentioned that the buns can be heated upon request before you take them home? So are the bagels, and we tried the Cranberry Bagel and chicken ham, among many that was presented upon us.

Cranberry Bagel and Ham
Cranberry Bagel and Ham

Word of advice – eat the bagels while they’re hot, just out of the oven, and spread a generous amount of cream cheese on it for extra oommpphh!

Salmon Cheese Bagel
Salmon Cheese Bagel

For those watching their waistline, the Salmon with cheese on the bagel is recommended, for its high carb, low sugar contents. Who said healthy food is not tasty?

The Croissant
The Croissant

The Loaf’s Croissant is definitely worth every bit of 27 layers of it! Made using imported Japanese flour, it’s so awesome that you can even eat it on its own (ehem) without jam or butter! Two-thumbs up!

The Cube 60°C coffee

Okay, we have to admit, the drinks at The Loaf are not cheap. But, allow us to tempt you with the signature drink – be the Cube 60°C – something a little bit different from your usual coffee.

The Cube 60° has a peculiar taste of uniquely-brewed coffee, containing espresso cubes frozen to -60°C in imported deep freezer, with added milk.

We were told that the deep freezing process would help to concentrate the richness of the blended coffee beans.

The verdict? Love love love it!

The rest of the coffee drinks that we tried were Latte, in which the bittersweet taste is just as nice, and the Espresso – thick enough, without leaving the heavy coffee aftertaste in the throat.

Laksa Kedah
Laksa Kedah

One of us is not a fan of laksa, but somehow she really enjoyed the taste of The Loaf’s Laksa! She said with the generous amount of fish meat in the thick gravy, the laksa noodle is just sublime!

Prawn Mee
Prawn Mee

The prawn mee was a bit too watery for our liking, and the strong just didn’t hit us well as the laksa did.

One thing great though – the prawns were HUGE!!

Cranberry Cheese
Cranberry Cheese

The best seller was the cranberry cheese, with 100 pieces sold per day. It truly had that melt in your mouth kind of effect, with that creamy cheese filling, studded with dried sour cranberries. Hmmm….

Ayam Percik
Ayam Percik

Ayam percik was another favourite, as the accompanying side dishes were a great complement to the whole meal. The rice was cooked just right – it was neither over nor under cooked.

We initially thought that the chef had used a different, more expensive rice, but upon checking with him – “Well, we just used normal rice, but it’s the technique of cooking the rice that makes a whole lot of difference”.

When we pressed on knowing the ‘technique’ or ‘secret’, he remained tight-lipped.

Oh well, some things need to be guarded close to the heart J

And so, feeling oh-so-stuffed with the treats from The Loaf, we are now firm believers of ‘You got to try it to believe it’ mantra.

That, and also ‘Life’s short, lets try everything..TWICE’ – and that includes the rest of the goodies at The Loaf!

The Loaf's Chef
The Loaf’s Chef

The Loaf is located at LG2.72


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  2. I can vouch for the Kedah laksa. My favourite however, is the potato leek soup. The japanese cream anpan is very good. BTW, ask them about the free membership – gives a discount on most items.

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