The Pedro Autumn Winter 2013

Encounter spectacular creations through the satorial direction of the season with Pedro Fall Winter 2013 collection. Culminations of an accomplished palette in rich essence are adapted to current pieces in urban modernism.

Pedro Fall 2013 Collection
Pedro Fall 2013 Collection – The Hauterfly Debut





The Hauterfly Debut

The women’s collection this season is a true testament to sophisticated independence in confidence perfectly balanced, enhancing the feminine silhouette. The palette is initiated with the strentgh of classics like blue, green, red, black and aggrandized with berry and orange. Envisage exemplar stiletto pumps revitalized with special accentuation of the heel with detailed metal hardware and minimalistic embossing.




The Style Afficionado

Versatility in form fashion is this season’s statement of the men’s collection. Forward assurance in character can be seen in deep palette of browns maroons and deep blues highlighted with a border palette with the likes of purple, green and orange.



Pedro is now open in Sunway Pyramid.


Pedro, LG1.03


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