Winners of the ‘Puma Voucher RM50 Give-Away’ Online Contest!

Yoo hoooo!!!!! Yup, we are now announcing the winners of the ‘Puma RM50 Voucher Give-Away’ Online Contest.

Congratulations to our winners. Do check your emails to find out how you can collect your passes.

Yvonne Choon Yean Man 900406-08-XXXX
Cheng Kok Wai 790403-10-XXXX
Franco Kailsan Renu 751208-14-XXXX
Lim Mee Wei 900925-10-XXXX
Lim Shiao Wei 930510-91-XXXX
Chua Wen-Shyan 890810-05-XXXX
Tan Chew Hua 801020-14-XXXX
Florina Daumin 840209-12-XXXX
Janet Siew 790704-08-XXXX
Suhasri bin Ismail 820720-03-XXXX

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