What Women Want

With the promise of “an oasis for men and women”, we didn’t even have to think twice before agreeing to the invite from Karabuning Boutique Spa recently.

And when “Sawadee-ka” was greeted with a smile, we – Lion and a few friends – just knew that we were in for a really relaxing time.

Up until we were told that we’d be getting a Thai traditional massage!

“But isn’t Thai massage painful? They’ll crack your bones here and there, flip and bend you like those doing yoga?,” asked J, one of Lion’s friends.

For all ‘virgins’ of the Traditional Thai Massage, fret not. According to Theresa Kok, Mass Communication Executive, Advertising & Promotions of Thai Odyssey Group Sdn Bhd – “There’s nothing to be worried about. You can inform our masseurs what level of massage do you prefer – hard or soft – and you can even tell her which areas that she needs to work on more.”

Phew, what a relief!

As we were ushered to the massage rooms, we caught glimpses of the many rooms in the outlet that serve different purposes, including the VIP room, Sauna,

Traditional Foot Massage
Traditional Foot Massage

Foot massage room – which is so huge that it gave Lion an idea to have a get-together there with some of Lion’s friends!

The 90-minute massage started with the sole of the feet – and Lion wanted the massage to be on the hard level! At first, the massage started quite gently, kinda like loosening and stretching the muscles and joints. Then, the masseur went on to apply some pressure on the ‘points’ on the body, making Lion felt so relaxed.

Half Body Massage
Half Body Massage

She didn’t just use hands – elbows and knees were also used to massage Lion’s body!

Time flew really fast when we’re having fun – and before we knew it – 90 minutes just passed!

Thai Massage
Thai Massage

The masseurs – although they didn’t talk much but they knew what they were doing – and some customers, especially senior citizens apparently made return visits to the outlet as they really liked the therapists / masseurs.

Their smiles and friendliness, of course, contribute to that as well, and generous customers also often tip them.

Karabuning also sells natural aroma oil with their “Back to Nature” spa product, with natural ingredients like Rice Bran Oil, Mineral Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Fragrance Oil.

Foot Cleansing
Foot Cleansing

Karabuning offers a range of other massages and services as well, which include half body, foot, Thai aromatherapy, Herbal Therapy massages and body scrub.

There are special and tailored packages as well, with prices differ according to the time.

Call 03 – 56356966 for more info, or visit Karabuning Boutique and Spa at LG2A.01 (B).

And so, even though there were some cracking sounds heard while we were being massaged, overall, Lion and friends just truly enjoyed our time!

Stress much? Book yourself a slot today!


Karabuning, LG2A.01 (B)

Contact: 03-5635 6966


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