Loving the Food @ Brotzeit*

After a busy work week, we decided to chill out at Brotzeit, one of the popular restaurants in Sunway Pyramid, especially well known for its succulent German sausages and German beer. We were greeted, as usual, with a buoyant crowd that has already filled up most of the tables at Brotzeit so we waited before we had a seat (but the wait wasn’t long). Always come early if you want to minimize waiting and if you are coming with guests during the evening.

Chilling Out with German Beer in Brozeit

We ordered our beer first. We had Russ’n, Boyrischer Longdrink, Affensoft and Benzin, in no particular order. As we personally preferred something lighter, Russ’n is a good choice – a combination of Weissbeer and Sprite. Our friends tried the other beers and liked them too.

Mozzarella Salat (Mozzarella Salad) RM26 Small | RM42 Large

This salad was our first choice to kickstart our night as we prepare our stomach for what is to come. The mixed salad greens, semi dried tomatoes, olives and zucchinis were fresh and juicy, perfect combination with its house dressing.

Brotzeitflade Bayen (Ham Pizza) RM32

We love the savoury Brotzeitflade Bayen which incorporated mozzarella cheese, belly bacon and leg ham with mozzarella cheese, green and red bell peppers, cocktail onions, mushrooms and tomato sauce.

Berentzen Wheat Spirit

These help your digestion. Diners drink the Berentzen Wheat Spirit either before or after having dinner at Brotzeit. Made from natural juice of freshsun-dried, sun-ripened fruits and Berentzen wheat spirit, each bottle has its own unique and crisp flavour. We (and Brotzeit) recommend for this icy cold bottle to be added  to cocktail or dry sparkling wine.

Knoblauchwurst (Pork Garlic Sausages) RM36 & Bockwurst (Smoked Pork Sausages) RM34

As usual, the German sausages have always become the highlight in Brotzeit German Bier Bar. Dig into the succulent sausages, bite into its crisp skin and through its hot and soft inside,  a crowd favourite and a must-have in this restaurant.

Pork & Bacon Burger RM28

Oooooooh….. the French fries rocks………. We couldn’t stop ourselves from munching those crispy fries… had to stop ourselves to focus on the main course of this dish – the burger! What can we say? It’s extremely delicious – with juicy homemade pork patty and strips of bacon nestled in a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. Bacon always go extremely well with any burger but Brotzeit goes a step further because everything that is porky in this restaurant just turn out fantastic – the bacon is crispy, even the lightly toasted bun… imagine sinking your teeth through to the soft pork patty. Oooooooooh….

Bauern Cordon
Bauern Cordon RM38
Bauern Cordon 2
Looking inside the Bauern Cordon. Yummm!

From the outside, it does look like fish and chips but look what’s flowing out from inside is actually (as noted from the menu) the breaded escalope of pork stuffed with bacon, onions, mushrooms, parsley and melted cheese served with a choice of side dish, in our case – wedges! Bacons and Cheese! Hoooray!!!

Sweet and Sour Duo
Sweet and Sour Duo RM25

This dessert is one of the most surprising yet most memorable one by far and we couldn’t get enough of it. Who would know that savoury, sourish and sweetish taste could blend in so magically well? We loved biting into the crispy chocolate coated bacon, the best in the sweet savoury duo and nibbling on the sourish strawberries marinated in lemon pepper and apricot sauce seem to put the differing tastes on a balance scale. We finished off with white chocolate mousse… and….then… YES… We want MORE!

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) RM22

The Apfelstrudel is a traditional apple strudel filled with cinnamon and lemon flavoured sliced apples, chopped walnuts, rum and raisins served with vanilla ice cream. We loved how authentic the taste is and how the chef played around with the fresh ingredients. The flavours were just… exploding in our mouth!

After such a yummilicious evening, dining in an outdoor restaurant in Oasis Boulevard, overlooking the Friday night traffic and the iconic lion’s head from the restaurant, we adjourned with intense happiness and already making plans for our next trip. Hopefully, it won’t be too far away.


Brotzeit, OB.K4 (Next to Sunway Pyramid’s Main Entrance – outside)



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