A Korean Street Food Affair with Myeongdong Topokki

Annyeong haseyo!

We are always in the mood for some sweet & spicy Korean food, so when a brand new MyeongDong Topokki outlet opened up in Asian Avenue, we simply couldn’t resist.


As it’s name suggests, MeyongDong is well-known for it’s signature Topokki or Spicy Korean Rice Cakes. To warm up our tastebuds, we tried both the original and spicy ‘Challenge’ version.


The texture of the rice cakes were hearty, chewy and perfectly complimented with the fiery hot spicy sauce. Spicy food lovers – we recommend the ‘Challenge’ version for a true spicy ‘kick’. You may even request for an extra spicy version, if you dare!


For those craving some fried treats, MyeongDong also has a variety of finger food. We dug straight into these three bestsellers – the Kimali (deep fried seaweed rolls), Tempura Squid & Chicken Karaage.

Psst…did you know? These fried treats taste even better when accompanied with some spicy Korean hot sauce! The sauce is provided with ala-carte orders and additional sauce is available on request.



Kimali – Deep fried seaweed rolls in crispy batter? It can’t get any better than this. We loved the savoury glass noodle filling, tasty vegetables and crunchy outer layer.


Tempura Squid – We couldn’t get enough of these sweet, succulent baby squid, coated with light tempura batter. We devoured the entire basket within minutes!


Chicken Karaage – A popular crowd favourite, the chicken was fried to perfection and came in a large, generous serving. For an extra ‘oomph’, we dipped it in the signature spicy sauce. Perfect as a sharing treat among friends.


Urban Salada – Next, we gave our tastebuds a break with a refreshing avocado, lettuce, apple and tomato salad, topped with delicious tangy pineapple dressing. We all agreed that the salad dressing was one of the best we’d ever had!

DSC08268 DSC08265

Beef Bulgogi Set Meal – For something more substantial, we also tried MyeongDong’s brand new Set Meal menu! All sets come with a main dish with rice, seaweed soup and ‘banchan’ (side dishes, refillable upon request).

Choose from 5 Set Meal options:

  1. Beef Bulgogi
  2. Chicken Bulgogi
  3. Hangul Chicken (Korean-style Chicken)
  4. Kal Guk Su (Korean Soup Noodles)
  5. Seafood Ramen

We fell in love with the juicy, tender marinated beef and fluffy rice – accompanied with the staple kimchi and vegetables. The best part? MyeongDong’s set meals are reasonably priced at RM12.90!



To complete the meal, we had some refreshing Pear Juice & Rice Sikye drinks.

Our Verdict

We were impressed by the quality and variety of food, all reasonably priced from as low as RM1.50!

MyeongDong’s resident Chef Sky, has over 10 years of experience in cooking Japanese & Korean food, and the outlet prides itself in using authentic Korean ingredients & recipes. We felt truly satisfied and satiated – and will definitely head back for more!

Picture courtesy of Myeongdong Topokki

Visit MyeongDong at F1.AV.148 & ‘Like’ their Facebook Page!

*Pork Free


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