Enter the Ministry of Food (MOF-Japanese Sweets and Coffee)


Ohayo gozaimasu!

We had the privilege of dining at the new and improved MOF-Japanese Sweets and Coffee recently. From a vast selection of sushi and fresh salmon to teriyaki pasta, ramen and more, we were definitely spoilt for choice.

The meal took off with the majestic King Prawn Salmon Maki, made with fresh prawns, avocado, mayonnaise and fish roe. The tangy sauce complimented the crispy, succulent prawn perfectly.


Next, we marvelled at the Cheezy Fruity Maki which was topped with a variety of fruits – mango, strawberry and avocado. Albeit the unusual combo, the sweetness of the fruits was enhanced when paired with creamy, melt-in-your-mouth cheese.


What is a Japanese meal without soft shell crab? When the Soft Shell Crab Maki arrived, we have to say that we were impressed by the generous size of the roll.


The ocean feast continued with MOF’s Sashimi Moriawase which includes 4 types of raw fish – salmon, tuna, butterfish and yellow tail, served up fresh on shredded radish and cucumbers.


If you crave something hot, the Gyoza and Ramen Set is right up your alley. The ramen is served with piping hot chicken broth, a runny egg, spring onions, slurpworthy springy noodles and a side of pan-seared prawn dumplings.

DSC03278Next, we dove back into the ocean for some grilled Japanese squid or Surume Ika (Teriyaki). The squid was chewy, delightfully tangy and sweet.


All you chicken lovers – you’re in for a treat! We couldn’t say no to a hearty plate of Chicken Teriyaki Pasta, and this one certainly did the trick. The dish came with a generous serving of chicken thigh drizzled with sweet, sticky Teriyaki sauce and a half-boiled egg.


And…it was time for dessert! We dove into the Katfuku Macha Kurian tower, built with chunks of fresh mango, strawberries, Kanten jelly, semi-sweet red bean paste and a generous serving of refreshing soft serve green tea ice cream. Talk about chills!

Those with a sweet tooth might find the green tea ice cream slightly bitter to taste, given that it is made with the highest grade of green tea leaves.


Ending the meal on a sweet note, the Daifuku Mochi was a pleasant burst of flavour and texture. It comes in four delightful flavours – Red Bean, Black Sesame, Pandan and Peanut – encased in a round ball of sticky glutinous rice paste.

Try it for yourself and visit MOF-Japanese Sweets and Coffee at F1.67 today!


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