5 fun things to do during the March School Holidays

Hurray, hurray, it’s the holi, holidays!

If you’ve been slaving away at school, you deserve a nice long break. Take this week to play hard and relax with these 5 fun activities that we’ve got lined up. Now, you’ve got no excuse to scrawl those “The holidays are BORING!” statuses on your Facebook wall.


1. Take loads of #selfies and photos with the Scream Park and Nickelodeon Characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick, Dora the Explorer and Boots at LG2, Blue Concourse!




2. Get up close and personal with rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and many other creatures at the Mini Petting Zoo, LG2 Blue Concourse!



3. Grab a few buddies and head to the Pyramid Ice Skating Rink for an uber fun time and pick up some skills along the way!


Or if you prefer team sports like Bowling or Archery, try your hand at the Sunway Megalanes or Stars Archery (F1.25).

Credits: Stars Archery
Photo from Galactic Laser's Official Facebook Page
Credits: Galactic Laser’s Official Facebook Page

4. Pow pow pow! Release your pent up tension with a thrilling game of laser tag at Galactic Laser (LG3.06).

Credits: Red Box Karaoke’s Official Website

5. Sing, sing, sing to your heart’s content at Red Box (OB2.LG1.U1)! *Shake it off, shake it off, oh oh*

We hope you’ll have an exciting school holiday season filled with loads of new experiences, laughter and thrills! Don’t forget to be awesome!


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