Top 10 things that your mother secretly wants for Mother’s Day (Under RM200)

Forget the Mother’s day chocolates. Or hand creams, roses, cards and everything in between.

This Mother’s Day, let us do the thinking for you. Mothers can be predictably mum (no pun intended) when it comes to their most celebrated day of the year – It’s okay, boy/girl, you don’t have to spend money on me – but let us not forget that this is the time to show our love and appreciation for all that she has done.

Having asked a few mothers about their secret wishlist, we present to you: Top 10 things that your mother might secretly want for Mother’s Day (but would never ask for), all under RM200!

car wash

1. Car Wash, baby!

It’s no easy feat being a home minister. She deserves to ride in a spotless, majestic limousine. But if you’re like us, you probably can’t afford a limousine. So here’s a cheaper alternative: A day before Mother’s Day, take your mom’s car (secretly, if you can) to the nearest car wash. She’ll wake up to a clean, fresh, gleaming car to drive you around in!

No idea where to start? Cars International will come to your rescue! They offer polishing, vacuuming, washing, tyre shine and more at reasonable prices. Find them @ B2, CP2 and CP4.

Family cinema

2. Take her to the movies

What? Movies with mom? Aww yeah. Give her a nice getaway from the madness of life with a two-hour movie treat at TGV’s Luxe with specially designed red velvet plush seats or the cosy Beanieplex. Even better – let her choose the movie!

TGV is located @ F1.MZN.01.

InnisfreeOrchid 3. Pamper her

Shower her love at home with a sweet-smelling Orchid massage cream from Innisfree, which will help her sleep and feel rested after a long day. Even better – put those strong fingers to use and give her a massage!

Innisfree is located at G1.70.


4. A Relaxing CD
Sometimes, mothers just want to kick up their feet and take a nap. Get her an easy listening CD to show her that you care about her rest (and her sanity!)

CD Rama is located at Popular, LG1.123.


5. Mani Pedis

Add some colour into your mom’s life by taking her for simple manicure and pedicure treat! Guys AND girls – accompany her for a bonding session over foot scrubs and chamomile tea.

Swing by JJ Nail Studio at F1.16 or De Lacq Nail Spa at F1.AV.126 for awesome mani pedi deals!

6. Chanel Lipstick 

If all else fails, go for Chanel. You can never go wrong with a classic Chanel lipstick – and we love the Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour for nourishment, shine and colour. Be sure to look into your mom’s collection get a better idea when you’re picking out her favourite shade.

Chanel is located at G1.62.


7. Arm Candy

All women love bags – whether it is a simple clutch or a full tote. This Mother’s Day, splurge on a good quality bag for your mom to carry on special occasions (like your graduation or wedding!). We liked this Quilted Clutch from Charles & Keith, located at G1.58.


8. A Dinner Date

Trust me when I say that moms want nothing more than to spend some quality time with the family (drama free, preferably!). Take her out for a well-deserved Western meal at Coliseum and don’t forget to make prior reservations! We would recommend their roasted or sizzling chicken with a choice of black pepper, brown or mushroom sauce. Yum!

Coliseum is located at OB.G.MS.


9. Head to toe pampering!

Whether it’s a pampering hair, facial or massage session, take it a step further by driving or accompanying her to the salon. It’s the little things that count!

Try Karabuning Boutique Spa’s acclaimed Traditional Thai Massage at LG3.01 or Bizzy Body’s Organic Facial Treatments at F1.20.


10. Hi Tea with her Highness

Bring your mom for a fancy afternoon out at TWG with delicately decadent macarons, buttered scones and sweet fragrant tea.

TWG Tea is located at LG1.33A.

BONUS: Ran out of budget? Offer to clean the house for a week! You’re welcome *wink*.

With that, we have come to the end of our Mother’s Day ‘cheatsheet’. We hope you’ve found this helpful, and do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

We would like to wish all mothers a very Happy Mothers Day in advance, and we hope we have made you proud.

*Disclaimer: Prices shown are an approximation and subject to change. Prices do not include GST and other service taxes. Photos do not belong to Sunwa Pyramid unless otherwise stated.


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