You deserve this: Ice Creams, Gelato and more below RM8

Never underestimate the power of dessert.

And for that reason alone, we present to you…a list of 10 lip smacking desserts, all under RM8!  Now, you can have your ice cream and eat it too!


1. Bubur Cha Cha Fusion @ Hui Lau Shan | RM5.90

Sweet, comforting and infused with just the right amount of coconut milk, you simply can’t say no to a hearty bowl of Bubur Cha Cha. One bite of the melt-in-your-mouth yam, assorted sweet potatoes and chewy sago, hello, dessert heaven!


2. Caffebene Gelato (single scoop) | RM6

Did you know? Caffebene – our residential Bingsu hangout place – serves a variety of Italian gelato at reasonable prices! Opt for a single scoop at RM6 or double scoop at RM12, available in Strawberry, Yogurt, Cream Cheese (yum!), Espresso, Green Tea and more. This is dangerously addictive. You have been warned.


3. Original Cendol @ Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul | RM5.90

There’s something about the combination of pillowy red beans, chewy cendol jelly, bittersweet Gula Melaka, shaved ice and coconut milk that keeps us coming back for more. Whether you find yourself craving for cendol on a blistering hot day, or as a sweet ending to dinner, we’ve got you covered!

Gelato Fruity

4. Gelato Fruity, Single Scoop | From RM4.90

Very Berry, Rocher Rocher, Honey Melon – are these names working up an appetite for dessert yet? For foolproof, top notch Italian gelato made with fresh fruit and ingredients, Gelato Fruity is numero uno!


5. Jipangi Ice Cream | RM7

Hailing from Korea, Jipangi has been making waves among local dessert enthusiasts. We have certainly been intrigued by the unique ‘Cane’-shaped cone which is filled from top to bottom with mouthwatering, milky ice cream. If you have not hopped onto the Jipangi bandwagon, now’s the time!


6. Legend of Tea Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream | RM3.90

Legend has it that…this green tea ice cream is OISHI! Made with high grade green tea extract, this stunner is a nice change from traditional vanilla sundaes. It tastes slightly bitter and oh-so-refreshing. Legend or not, you decide!


7. Monsters Ice Cream | From RM7.90

A recent addition to the Sunway Pyramid family, Monsters Ice Cream has definitely been ROARING in all the right places. Do not be fooled – this cup of ice cream is fried on the spot, rolled and topped with a bevy of your favourite toppings such as chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, oreos and more.

We highly recommend their signature Thai Tea flavour for maximum kick. Curious yet?

Check out our Facebook album for photos of the ‘making’!

New Zealand

8. New Zealand Natural’s Flavour of the Day | RM4.50

If you prefer traditional, no-nonsense ice cream, this is right up your alley! New Zealand Natural boasts a variety of flavours from Pecan Praline Crunch to the all-time dessert-y favourite Chocolate Ecstacy. One scoop is all it takes to be hooked!

And here’s another reason to get lickin’ – they’ve got a daily Flavour of the Day promo at a truly affordable price. Don’t say we didn’t share! 😉


 9. Snowflake’s Cold Bestseller | RM7.90

Silky grass jelly, taro and yam balls with just the right amount of oomph, icy coconut milk – no wonder they call it their bestseller. Having a rough day? Grab a few buddies and sit down to a bowl of this goodness and everything will feel alright in no time.


10. Snowy Desserts Home Mango Sherbet & Black Glutinous Rice | RM8

Oh sweet, glorious mango. How you linger at the tip of our tongues with just the right amount of tang. Atop a bed of welcoming black glutinous rice, generously drizzled with coconut milk and shaved ice, this is dessert at it’s absolute perfection.

Got them dessert spoons and napkins ready? Search for your favourite dessert parlour on our website.
Till then, live long and prosper, fellow dessert lovers!

*Disclaimer: Prices shown are an approximation and subject to change. Prices do not include GST and other service taxes. Photos do not belong to Sunway Pyramid unless otherwise stated.


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