Stick-y Grilled Yakitori Delights at Yaki San!


Imagine this:

Chunks of succulent chicken thigh, crunchy green bell peppers, savoury leeks, crispy chicken skin and tasty chicken meatballs, dipped in sweet Yakitori sauce and grilled over high heat to perfection.


Tempted? The newest addition to Asian Avenue’s Food Street, Yaki San, will definitely satisfy your char-grilled cravings.

Taking inspiration from well-loved Japanese fast food, they dish up a variety of grilled meats, vegetables and bento sets in takeaway boxes for convenience which will get you going ‘Oishi!’ in no time.


Yakitori‘ stands for ‘Grilled Chicken On Skewers‘, and rest assured, you will not be disappointed by the selection at Yaki San.

Our favourites include the chicken with green pepper, chicken karaage and chicken skins. Nom nom!


If you’re on a healthy kick, go for their shitake mushrooms or grilled vegetables which are preservative-free and msg-free for ultimate freshness.



Here’s the insider grilling process, for your eyes only! Each skewer is dipped in Yakitori sauce before going into a specially imported Automated Grill with dual heating coils for ultimate grilling consistency.

The process takes about 3-4 minutes and most of the fat is eliminated in this process, leaving behind juicy, tender, fragrant meat. Yum!

The skewers are then finished off on a traditional grill for a char-grilled taste and appearance. Get in mah belly!


Watch the machine in action here.


For a more satisfying meal, we recommend trying their Bento sets starting from an affordable price of RM9.50 where you get a choice of 3 skewers served with rice, pickles and seaweed.

Yaki San can be located at F1.AV.77 (or you can choose to follow the char-grilled smell)!

Don’t forget to follow their Facebook page and website for more updates.


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