A Flawless Raya with Laura Mercier

Selamat Hari Raya, kami semua ucapkan!

As you go about collecting duit raya, stuffing your face with ayam rendang and taking Raya selfies, the last thing you’d want is a blotchy, smudged and shiny complexion.

Fear not for Laura Mercier has come up with 3 simple, fuss-free ways to ‘Get the Look’ this Raya!


Bring on the baby blues with this dreamy ‘Get Ready to Berbuka’ look!

Start with a dash of shimmery aqua blue on the eyelids and navy blue in the crease. Follow-up with some peach-toned blush and a baked bronzer to accentuate those cheekbones. A light dab of poppy-pink gloss, and you’re set to berbuka and/or celebrate all day!

Fresh-All-Day - insta

For a Fresh, Daytime Look, start off with some rose gold eyeshadow in the inner eyelids, neutral-toned shadow all over the eyes and soft black eyeliner to finish.

Add some colour into the cheeks with a cream blush to last all day and top it off with some bold Mauve lipgloss. If looks could kill…


We’re not done yet! Time to bring out the metallics for the House Warming Dinner – play around with Laura Mercier’s fun burnished copper eyeshadow quad to highlight your eyes.

The possibilities are endless! Add on a bit of shimmer for good measure. Don’t forget to moisturise and gloss those lips with a dab of irresistible Orchid Pink lip colour.

Now, go forth and bergaya this Hari Raya!

We would like to wish all our Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin.

See you at the dinner table! 🙂

*Featured image via NorahLovesMakeup.com


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