Oh My Bag! Feel brand new with MyBagSpa

If you’re like us, you’d probably have a holy grail tote, clutch or pair of shoes that you cling on to for dear life, in spite of the scuffs, pen marks and discolouration.


What if we told you that there was a way to freshen up your favourite items and bring them to life?


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, MyBagSpa specialises in the care and restoration of luxury bags, shoes and accessories such as belts, buckles and more.

From stain removal to leather restoration, colour rectification and disinfection for bacteria and mold removal, MyBagSpa treats your washed out belongings with environmentally friendly products and strives to ensure that all items sent to them are reconditioned to look and feel as good as new!

New Image 09

We’ll let these before & after pictures speak for themselves!

New Image 17 New Image 18

New Image 02 New Image 26 New Image 27 Lab 03

For more information on MyBagSpa’s cleaning process, feel free to check out their website.

For the entire month of August, spend at MyBagSpa and get up to 50% discount vouchers!

MyBagSpa is located at Level B1 Blue Atrium.


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