A Refreshing New Taste @ Tokyo Kitchen


Nestled in a corner at Lower Ground 2, Tokyo Kitchen prides itself on authentic Japanese recipes put together with quality, Grade A ingredients and sauces. The newly revamped menu features a variety of classic makimono, nigiri, temaki, ramen, don and much more.

Those with hearty appetites can choose to go for the bigger portion which typically contains up to 8-10 pieces of sushi while a small portion is made up of 4 pieces. If you’re feeling ravenous yet adventurous, we recommend ordering a few different types of small portioned sushi to get the best of variety and value.


Kicking off the meal, we brandished our bamboo chopsticks for a platter of impressive Lobster Salad Rolls. The rolls were topped with boiled lobster, fish roe mixed with sweet and tangy sauces atop a crunchy tempura seaweed roll.

A perfect complement to the fresh boiled lobster, the sauces had a rich creamy texture, while the fried tempura roll was heavy on texture and taste. We were impressed with the size of the roll – a definite mouthful for the average Asian!


Next, we dove straight into the Kani Crunchy Roll, featuring octopus and cucumber wrapped in seaweed, topped with fish roe, mayonnaise and shredded crabstick.

The kitchen certainly did not skimp on ingredients – the roll was packed generously with rice and the portion of octopus was considerably large. Our version of perfection? Them hot, crispy tempura flakes, of course!


Next, we went back to basics with a California Roll, made with slices of avocado, crabstick, omelette and a coating of shrimp roe. A classic roll if you’re craving good ol’, no frills sushi.


Next came the crowd favourite Tori Kara Age Mayonezu Ojyu – juicy chicken thigh marinated in yakitori sauce and deep fried to a satisfying crisp. Topped with mayonaise and teriyaki sauce for a sweet, luxurious aftertaste and served on a bed of rice. We went back for seconds…and thirds. Simply divine!


Keeping up with the teriyaki theme, next came the Chicken Salad & Sashimi Gozen Set which features a serving of teriyaki chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce, warm fragrant rice, thick slices of sashimi, miso soup and chawanmushi. The crispy skin on the teriyaki chicken which was a pleasant, unexpected surprise, and the chawanmushi did not disappoint.


We can never resist a bowl of soupy goodness, and Tokyo Kitchen’s Nabemono Salmon is right up our alley. Boiled in a Konbu Tsuyu soup base with sweet cabbage, tofu, carrots, shitake mushrooms and salmon slices for a hearty flavour.


You got beef? Presenting…the Wagyu Ojyu, grilled and marinated with sweet sauces, served with mushrooms, caramelised onions and spring onions. Sliced paper thin, the succulent Wagyu beef retained it’s chewiness, flavour and texture.


If you’re new to Tokyo Kitchen, their Tokyo Kitchen Gozen Set is a journey in itself. Say hello to fragrant garlic rice (and bye bye to vampires), deep fried beancurd, marinated fried Tori Kara Age chicken, miso soup and not forgetting – chawanmushi.


We were then treated to a new menu item – crowd favourite Chicken Teriyaki Ramen served with a half-boiled egg in chicken broth. A step apart from the rest – the ramen noodles were noticeably softer, thicker yet slightly springy. Give this a spin, ramen lovers!


The perfect ending – Green Tea & Yuzu Gelato! We licked our spoons (and bowls) clean within minutes. Clean, crisp and refreshing, Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit originating from Japan which as a distinct sour, aromatic taste. The Green Tea Gelato started off bitter and ended with a welcoming, creamy aftertaste.

We will definitely be back for more!


The restaurant in itself features a warm, welcoming Japanese art concept – from traditional bamboo blinds to colourful geisha paintings and even creative origami hanging decor to entertain the kids.


Head over to Tokyo Kitchen @ LG2.28 (near Kids Zone & Cold Storage)! Till then, sayonara!


4 thoughts on “A Refreshing New Taste @ Tokyo Kitchen

  1. I wish to try Tokyo Kitchen Gozen Set because it looks so delicious and I never try the garlic rice that serve in the Japanese Restaurant and I should test a new taste and new menu for my life and I really love Japanese Food

  2. I wish to try Nabemono Salmon because salmon has earned its research reputation as a health-supportive food based largely on its unusual omega-3 fatty acid content. Nabemono Salmon looks like it could tantalizes my taste buds with a delightful soup base and warm fragrance. Tokyo Kitchen is an intimate Japanese restaurant and the service is amazing and so friendly! I have not tried this dish before and it looks like a must try!

  3. I would love to try the Lobster Salad Rolls as they look absolutely delicious. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside with its tempura seaweed roll, this one will definitely win the hearts of lobster lovers like myself!

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