5 Unique Mooncakes to Try This Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of the year again and the Mid-Autumn Festival is almost upon us. That also means its time to try some delicious mooncakes!


In the spirit of the festival, AEON has gathered some of the best mooncake vendors for a little bazaar at the LG2, Blue Concourse.

Come take a look at the mouthwatering selection of mooncakes. But if you have trouble picking out which flavours to try, don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are five mooncakes you definitely should not miss out on:

Photo credits to Bakers Cottage

1. Hummingbird (The Baker’s Cottage)

Possibly one of the most unique offerings in the mooncake market at the moment has to the Hummingbird from Baker’s Cottage.

Offering not one, not two but five layers on the inside with every layer, a hidden surprise waiting to be discovered.

The outer golden coconut butter skin topped with almond flakes peels back to reveal a banana white lotus layer loaded with melon kernel seeds. Other ingredients include chunky walnut bits with salted cream cheese mung bean paste.

Finally at the very core of the Hummingbird is the salted egg yolk crust with pure pineapple filling encased in  a layer of golden butter pastry.

If that description does not compel you to try this tasty treat, you have no heart!

(far left): Snow Skin Mango Kiwi mooncake. Photo credits to bestmooncake.com

2.  Snow Skin Mango Kiwi with Assorted Dried Fruits (Tai Thong Group)

When it comes down to a unique flavour, not typically found in mooncakes, you can’t go wrong with Tai Thong’s tropical twist to the traditional mooncake offering.

The sweet fruity taste of the mooncake comes from its Kiwi lotus paste that is paired with sweet mangoes.

For that added texture in the mooncake Tai Thong has added an assortment of dried fruits in the paste for even more fruity goodness.

(Bottom left): Noble Delight from Oversea Restaurant. Photo credits to bestmooncake.com.

3. Noble Delight (Oversea)

Continuing this lists obsession with exotic and unique flavours is the Noble Delight from Overseas Restaurant.

This unique mooncake uses the dragon fruit, an unlikely choice of fruit for a mooncake, as its primary ingredient. With the fruit peeled and its juices extracted and throughly blended with lotus paste, this results in a unique deep purplish red lotus paste that is vibrant and appealing.

Photo credits to Casahana’s Official Facebook.

4. Blue Danube (Casahana)

Drawing inspiration from classical music composer, Johann Strauss’ famous masterpiece, Casahana’s take on the Blue Danube takes the form of an exquisite purple rose that blends sweet blueberries and creamy cheese ming bean on the inside.

Like a work of art, it is almost a shame to cut the Blue Danube to reach for its yummy contents. But once you take a bite, you will come back for more!

Photo credits to bestmooncake.com

5. Golden Mango (Yu Ai)

If you love the taste of mangoes, then you should not miss out on the Golden Mango from Yu Ai.

Taking on a unique shape, the Golden Mango is shaped to resemble a gold ingot. Unlike the hard precious metal, you will find a soft yummy mochi filling upon on your first bite.

This is delicious mooncake is definitely a treat that is worth its weight in gold.

Photo credits to Snowflake.com.my


1. Musang King Durian Snowskin Mooncake (Snowflake)

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of happiness!

The Ultimate Musang King durian flesh, lovingly wrapped in a bed of red bean or yam and encased in a delicate snowskin. It’s no wonder these exquisite mooncakes are highly sought after. Packaged in an exclusive Majestic Gift Box and personalised message, transform your mooncake festival into a special affair by giving this to a loved one.

Available at Snowflake, F Floor.


2. Frosty Durian Musang Mooncake (Dragon-I)

Beware, durian lovers – for you will not be able to resist this. Made with 100% Musang King goodness, this mooncake is packed with fresh, carefully selected durian flesh & generously cased in a frosty white snowskin. Delectable durian in every, scrumptious, glorious bite.

Available in packs of 4 or 8 and sold in a colourful round mooncake tin, signifying harmony and reunion. Sold at Dragon I, G Floor. Bring it on!

We at Sunway Pyramid would like to wish all those who celebrate:

A very warm and joyous Mid-Autumn Festival!


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