A Fusion Experience at Hana Dining & Sake Bar

What better way to kick back and relax after work than with a glass of chilled sake?

And that is precisely why we jumped for joy when the newest hangout spot in town, Hana Dining & Sake Bar opened with a tempting sake menu, served alongside mouthwatering Japanese fusion cuisine.

Hana’s extensive food menu features an assortment of fresh airflown sashimi from Japan and Norway, fresh oysters and nigiri rolls, and essential Nabemono and Donburi selections.

Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar's Facebook page
Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar’s Facebook page

Stepping inside the main dining area, we were greeted by a towering cherry blossom tree in the middle of the room, creating a warm, beckoning ambience.

Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar's Facebook
Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar’s Facebook

On the flip side, a classy bar awaits with diners with rows of seductive sake bottles and glimmering wine glasses.

Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar's Facebook
Photo via Hana Dining & Sake Bar’s Facebook

A brainchild of passionate co-founders Eddie (6th from left), Jonathan (9th from left) and Head Chef Thomas (8th from left), Hana prides itself on innovative fusion dishes made with top notch ingredients and recipes for the ultimate Japanese dining experience! 

Oyamaimo Shake Maki (Japanese yam, salmon wrapped in fried seaweed)

Kicking off our meal, we dug into the Oyamaimo Shake Maki served with ginger garnish and wafu dressing (made with sesame oil, soy sauce and vinegar). The Japanese yam was delightfully crunchy and refreshing as a healthy alternative to rice.

Hawaiian Shake Hawasumaki (Salmon belly, tempura prawn, flying fish roe, cucumber and avocado)

Look at that salmon!

Chef Thomas certainly did not hold back with this hearty Hawaiian Salmon Maki Roll, made with wild Norway salmon trout, Japanese cucumber, avocado, tempura prawn and delightful crunchy tempura flakes in the centre.

Shake Kawa Salada (Crispy Salmon Skin Salad)

Gimme moar salmon!

This sweet and sour Crispy Salmon Skin Salad was an epic burst of flavours. We thoroughly enjoyed the freshness of the cucumber, tangy sauce made with citrus and sugar, juicy salmon roe and crispy salmon skin for the perfect finish.

Flounder Fin Hand Roll

Dear Chef Thomas, can we have this Flounder Fin Hand Roll as our last meal on Earth?

I kid you not. Smooth, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Flounder Fish, freshly imported from Taiwan and grilled to perfection. Simply divine.

Charcoal Cheese Special California Roll

Generously packed with crab, avocado and seaweed, drizzled with cheese and topped with a sprinkling of frosty sugar and tempura flakes, this sinful concoction will have you munching away in sheer cheesy heaven.

Kamo Sanuki Udon (Duck Breast Udon in Bonito Soup)

Next, we brandished our spoons for a taste of comforting Kamo Sanuki Udon, served with slices of duck breast in a bonito soup. The meat was juicy, flavourful and complemented the udon perfectly.

Kaisen Inaniwa Udon (Tiger Prawn and Scallops in Bonito soup)

Directly imported from Japan, the Kaisen Inaniwa handmade udon noodles were pleasantly tasty and oh-so-slurpable! Served with succulent tiger prawns and fresh scallops and simply bursting with flavour. Give us a bowl on one of the colder days and we’d warm right up!

Tofu Chizekeki

Oh, the sweet, glorious taste of dessert. Blended tofu, cream cheese, lemon, yogurt, all served on a decadent butter cookie base. Absolutely perfect.

The Geisha

Before we knew it, it was time for some sake! Hana serves up over 100 types of sake and soju cocktails, as well as beer and other alcoholic beverages.

We took a sip of The Geisha (Sake + Cucumber) and immediately thought of an tropical island getaway. Crisp, cool and refreshing!

Taste of Shinzu

Now when we asked Eddie and Jonathan to share the ingredients in this drink, mysteriously named the Taste of Shinzu, they insisted that it had to remain top secret. They did let slip that it contains some red wine, sake along with the rare essence of mystical creatures (we kid).

We enjoyed this sweet, fruity cocktail – great for special treat among a party of 5.

Nuts & Berry Martini (left) & Espresso Martini (right)

Need a pick me up? Coffee lovers – try the Espresso Martini which packed a sharp punch with a single shot of espresso and vodka. If you seek a milder, creamier version, the Nuts and Berry Martini is right up your alley. Mixed with smooth, hazelnut creme, mixed berries and vodka.

Locate Hana Dining & Sake Bar at Oasis Boulevard, OB2.G.U1 right opposite Kim Gary.

We recommend trying their Teishoku or Fusion Set Lunches, and do check out all their new promotions on their Facebook page!



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