Sipping on Italian coffee at Caffe Pascucci


Hailing from Italy, Caffe Pascucci prides itself in the premium selection, growth, roasting and taste of its coffee beans. Founder Antonio Pascucci became passionate about raw coffee and eventually, the brand developed into a collection of luxe Italian coffeehouses with over 200 locations all over the world.

Branded in the middle ground between mass market and artisan coffee, Pascucci enforces a strict guide on the quality of its roasted coffee beans, using only the best selection for its range of hot, iced and sorbet drinks.


On the surface, this Iced Chocolate looks ordinary – but take a sip and you’ll be blown away! Each drop is pure, thick chocolate-y goodness, produced in a unique slow mixer for maximum taste and texture.


If frappucinos are up your alley, try this handmade Fraspuccio Caramel, an ice blended coffee concoction of pure indulgence.


Unique to the Pascucci brand, a Pas-ciok is an Italian style thick chocolate, lovingly blended and mixed to perfection. We tried the Pas-ciok Confuso which is topped with a generous mound of cream cheese for the ultimate Italian chocolate experience.


Did anyone say…Nutella? This sinful delight, named the Gianduio, starts off with Nutella spread around the glass, espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream and blended with ice.

Mom – if you’re reading this…we tried not to lick the glass. We really did.


Caffe Pascucci also serves up an Instagram-worthy selection of classics, including the Cappucino, Americano and Macchiato. Don’t forget to hashtag #myCaffePascucci! 🙂

Looking for something substantial? Try Caffe Pascucci’s selection of cakes (Strawberry Cheese, Chocolate Fudge, Banana Toffee, Oreo and more), pastries (Crostini Hawaiian, Pineapple Danish, Apple Cinnamon Comb) or cold sandwiches. Till then, bon appetit!

Caffe Pascucci is located at G Floor, Oasis Boulevard (beside Bubba Gump).


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