Are you ready for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War?

It’s the ultimate battle of battles…


#TeamCap or #TeamIronMan?
#TeamBlue or #TeamRed?
Freedom or Justice?

Whichever side you’re on, be sure to dress and look the part to show your support! #ChooseWisely


Gentlemen, suit up in Under Armour’s compression shirts or throw on a comfy Uniqlo tee!

Top: Uniqlo Marvel Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Available in Mens and Boys sizes), RM39.90 – RM59.90
Bottom: Men’s Under Armour® Transform Yourself Captain America Compression Shirt, RM299

Top: Uniqlo Marvel Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Available in Mens and Boys sizes), RM39.90 – RM59.90
Bottom: Men’s Under Armour® Alter Ego Iron Man Compression Shirt, RM299


Kids…get ready for battle with Marvel’s Toys R Us armor!

Marvel Avengers Civil War Captain America Magnetic Shield And Gauntlet, RM89.90

Marvel Avengers Civil War Iron Man Nerf Slide Blast Armor, RM119.90

Blue vs Red

Superheroes United Exclusive Captain America T-Shirt, RM188

Superheroes United Exclusive Captain America (Iron Man) T-Shirt, RM188


CA Captain America Electronic Titan Hero, RM139.90

CA Iron Man Electronic Titan Hero, RM139.90


CA Scope Vision Helmet, RM139.90

CA Tech Fx Mask, RM139.90

Now that you look (and act) the part, let’s go!


Head on over to the Orange Concourse from now till 8 May to snap a photo with life-sized figurines of Marvel’s Captain America and Ironman, as well as highly detailed figurines from Hot Toys.

There will also be an interactive augmented reality station where you can virtually don the Marvel’s Captain America’s shield or Iron Man’s gauntlet while taking home a photo, and other activities such as the themed shooting booths, where their accuracy skills will be put to the test.


From April 29 until May 2, come by for character meet and greet sessions with the star spangled Marvel’s Captain America! Official merchandise, T-Shirts, plush toys and more are also available for sale around the concourse area.

See you very, very soon!


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