Oh so yummy! Have you tried J&G Fried Chicken?


What’s soft, tender and smells inexplicably good?



If you’re wondering what J&G stands for, it simply means ‘Ji Guang’, which is a famous food street in Taiwan – the origin of this sinfully delicious fried fragrant chicken.

A popular snack among the Taiwanese, the first outlet started in year 1973 and has since hit Malaysian shores. The outlet in Sunway Pyramid is the second Malaysian branch to date (the first being Sunway Putra Mall).

What’s so unique about J&G’s signature chicken?

According to the owners, they only use 100% marinated boneless, skinless chicken breast meat. Unlike most outlets, J&G does not freeze their meat. Upon order, the freshly-chilled meat heads straight to the fryer from the fridge.

Each batch of chilled meat has a maximum shelf life of 4 days.


The secret to melt-in-your-mouth chicken…

Stop and stare…at that fried chicken! The open kitchen concept at J&G allows you to watch your chicken getting fried in all it’s boiling glory.

This unique electric stove ensures consistent heat distribution across the entire fryer, which means each piece is cooked through evenly with maximum flavour.


Ahh…glorious fried chicken nuggets!

J&G’s Signature Fried Chicken Nuggets are available in 2 sizes: Regular (120g) and Large (250g). The nuggets are made-to-order and weighed to ensure freshness and fairness in terms of portion.

For a finishing touch, the nuggets are coated with spicy chili and garlic powder before serving. Spicy lovers can opt for the maximum spiciness while the rest of us can choose our preferred spicy levels (out of 4 different levels).


We love how the meat retains moisture and oozes with the perfect blend of garlic flavour, up to the very last bite.

Unlike most fried chickens in the market, the coating is not crisp nor crunchy. Instead, it allowing the juicy, tender meat to be the star of the show by complementing it perfectly.


Not a huge fan of meat?

These garlic-flavoured oyster mushrooms are imported straight from Thailand and they are OH SO JUICY. We kid you not. Vegetarians – you do NOT want to miss this.


If seafood rocks your boat, try the QQ Deepsea Squid!

These humongous Argentinian Deepsea Squid are naturally larger than regular squid – hence each bite is a satisfying affair with succulent, tender meat that retains it’s freshness.


This chicken will make your heart race.

A 100% chicken breast, the SPA Chicken Cutlet is marinated with a blend of delicious spices and coated with pepper, salt, chili powder and seasoning to form this masterpiece.

Grab this for a quick, tasty yet protein-packed lunch – satisfaction guaranteed!


If all that has left you feeling parched, try J&G’s tasty drinks:

  1. Honey Lemon Juice (made with fresh lemon)
  2. Freshly Brewed Green Tea (refreshing, no sugar)
  3. Ice Fruit Tea (for those who crave a sweet finish)
  4. Ice Plum (an icy, sour kick to wake you up)

Prices start at RM3 for drinks and RM7 for food.

J&G Fried Chicken is located at F1.AV.199, Asian Avenue.


Craving some fried chicken after reading the post? J&G is generously giving away a FREE DRINK with any purchase to our blog readers.

Simply answer this question in the comments section below: When was J&G established? and flash your comment at J&G Fried Chicken, Sunway Pyramid from 1-15 August 2016 to redeem.

*Note: Due to the system’s comment filters, it might take up to 15-30 mins for your comment to appear. Thank you for your patience!


  • Redemption period: 1 – 15 August 2016
  • Limited to one (1) redemption per customer per day.
  • Free drink is valid with any purchase amount.
  • Kindly provide a valid email address when commenting.
  • By providing your details, you agree that you have read the Personal Data Protection Notice (also posted on http://www.sunway.com.my/group/privacy.asp) and agree to the processing of my personal information in accordance with the Notice.
  • For full T&C, kindly refer to https://sunwaypyramid.wordpress.com/pyramidfreebies-terms-conditions/.

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