Pokémon Go: Ultimate Survival Tips in a Mall

It’s all about balls, rats and getting fit (in PokeGyms) this week…because Pokémon Go has officially overtaken Malaysia!

Hands up if you’re a trainer-in-training! We’ve got some ultimate survival tips for you to maximise your Pokémon Go venture AND stay safe while hunting for Pokémon dreamteam in a mall.


1. Be prepared

Since you’ll be doing quite a bit of walking, always stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes. Also, don’t forget to bring a fully-charged powerbank!

2. Stick in a group or pairs

While hunting in a mall, be sure to stay in a group or hunt with a friend on alert to prevent unforseen (often painful) incidents (ie: bumping into a glass panel and/or stumbling into a pillar).


3. Stay safe on escalators

Although Pokémon can appear virtually everywhere (escalators included), wait till you’ve reached the base or top of the escalator before throwing Poké Balls desperately.

The Pokémon will not disappear within a mere 2-3 seconds. Once you’ve spotted a Pokémon, move to a safe, less congested area to capture it.

Always place your safety (and the safety of others) first.

4. Do your research

To save time, try looking online or via Pokémon radar apps to see which areas are cluttered with Pokémon.

5. Be considerate

While it may seem harmless to pause in the middle of walkway or corridor while catching em all, always be considerate of others around you, especially in a crowded mall.

Do not block the walkways or stand too close to the railings and stay alert of your surroundings all the time, otherwise you might just end up like this Magikarp!


Good luck in your Pokémon journey to be the very best!

Disclaimer: These tips are meant to serve as a general safety guide. Shoppers are urged to exercise utmost care and precaution while playing augmented reality games in the shopping mall environment.

*Main photo credits to SQLuck.com.


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