A Malaysian Food Journey @ Ten Years

Inspired by the rich legacy of Malaysian cuisine, Ten Years was created to bring our nation’s most loved dishes under one roof.


For the love of Malaysian food, the founders of Ten Years travelled all over Malaysia in search of the best local cuisine from well-loved recipe owners.


According to one of the founders, Victor Bong, while the queues get longer as people continue to flock over to taste the food, the original recipe owner faces an impending and inevitable threat – finding a successor for their business.

Thus, Ten Years was created with the dream to preserve Malaysian food culture by passing it on to the next generation. Each recipe owner was curated based on their reputation as a historical figure and state representative, proven track record with long queues and media endorsement.


To ensure a fair and sustainable partnership, each recipe owner will receive a contribution from every plate of their food sold.


Currently, Ten Years has a combined legacy of 270 years from 8 recipe owners, in a pork-free environment. All recipes are delicately preserved and managed to ensure 85% similarities in terms of taste while acceptable to both local and international markets.

Vincent and team aims to collect signature recipes from all 13 states in the coming years.


Diving right into the food, we first took a sip of this refreshing blend of Sprite, asam boi, calamansi juice and a rim of salt, named the Ang Mo “Kat Chai” – perfect for a sweltering day.


Next up, we dug into the 3 Color Rice – as much a delight to the eyes as it is to the tastebuds.


The dish features sweet sour ayam bumbu from Sabah, acar, keropok lekor, crispy anchovies, crunchy nuts and a fried egg, served with three layers of colourful fragrant rice.


Another bestseller in Ten Years would be their vibrant Nasi Kerabu from up north in Kelantan.


Did you know? The proper way to eat Nasi Kerabu is to first slice up the salted egg and mix all the vegetables, herbs and spices together with the rice.

The fresh beansprouts and long beans make for a crunch in each bite while the fragrant Thai basil leaves and homemade spiced chicken completes the experience.


Next, we headed West for some Terengganu-famous Nasi Dagang by Kak Pah. Word has it that this dish is so good that it gets sold out within 3 hours each day.

Nasi dagang is traditionally served with Ikan Tongkol or mackerel in a spicy coconut sauce, served with raw acar, tofu, fried egg, anchovies and nuts. The sauce is rich and flavourful, and if you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll love the soft, tasty fish.


We then headed further north to get a hold of the famed Tiger Char Kuey Teow with 60 years of history.


The prawns were juicy, succulent and flavourful, bean sprouts were fresh while the rice noodles not too spicy – just the right balance for our taste.


Taking inspiration from local favourites, Ten Years also created this monstrous Kopi Cincau Float – which is exactly as it’s name suggests!


For a non-caffeinated option, the Milo Dinosaur is right up your alley, with a heaping scoop of Milo powder and condensed milk in each cup.


Juice fans can opt for the cooling Fruit Punch which comes in a serving for two – infused with watermelon, mint, lemon and lime juice to go with your main meal.


Did someone say…dessert?


Ten Years put their own twist on the humble Apam Balik – turning it into a treat on it’s own with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, banana and chocolate drizzle. Sinful…but we can hardly resist!

To try out all of the other heritage dishes, drop by Ten Years @ LG2.52!

For more information, locate them on Facebook or their official website. 🙂


To kickstart your food discovery journey with Ten Years, here’s how you can win a RM30 Ten Years voucher! We’ve got 10 vouchers to giveaway.

Simply tell us in the comments section below: My favourite Malaysian food is…

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41 thoughts on “A Malaysian Food Journey @ Ten Years

  1. My favorite Malaysian food is Nasi Lemak! It is the food that I miss the most whenever I travel overseas, and usually the first dish I will eat after coming back to Malaysia.

  2. My favourite Malaysian food is definitely outlr nasi lemak! Everytime I went overseas, nasi lemak is the first food that came to mind on every flight back to Malaysia. Even when I visit any Malaysian restaurant overseas, nasi lemak will be my first choice. W nasi lemak, I can eat w just the nasi itself. That’s good already 🙂 but I haven’t tried 10 years’ nasi lemak. Maybe I should try when I win the voucher hehe

  3. My favourite Malaysian food is Nasi Dagang cos this is one of the dishes that serves together with fish and sour vege (acar). I don’t mind having a second or third serving whenever I have Nasi Dagang 🙂

  4. My favourite Malaysian food is Nasi Kerabu! Who could resist those eye-catching blue coloured rice coupled with fresh, raw, crunchy veggies and aromatic herbs!! Simply yums 🙂

  5. My favourite Malaysian food is Nasi Kerabu!! I would never order anything else if I see nasi kerabu in the menu 😄

  6. My favorite Malaysian cuisine is Roti Canai… In Malaysia, its available throughout the day and its always there to fill up my tummy at any time of the day! Morning breakfast, evening tea time, heavy dinner.. Just name it ! I felt roti canai comes in affordable price that everyone can have one or two. I still remember that golden days, when I was very small, my dad actually carries me and walk to roti canai shop in my neighborhood area. He will order ‘banjir’ flooded with dhall curry and sambal ikan bilis… That combo I’m telling you, still stays in my memory. He used to feed me those pieces with love and care…. Until now, whenever I goes home for semester break, he will buy for me roti canai as breakfast because he knew I love them with fail. Trust me, nobody can hate roti canai, the love toward it grow day after day…. I believe Roti canai is our signature , variation been made into roti sardine, roti telur but for me… plain with flooded curries are yummy ! Slurrrrrrrrrrrrppppp

  7. My favorite is laksa because it always bring me back to my happy childhood moment when father always carry 2 big packs of laksa whenever he went pasar malam.

  8. My favourite Malaysian food is Nasi Lemak. The coconut flavour of the rice with the sambal play an important role in making this delicious. Adding the hard boiled egg and fried anchovies will be perfect.

  9. My favorite malaysian food has got to be nasi lemak, the perfect blend of creaminess and spiciness is so malaysian.. Simply unbeatable

  10. Great news to hear that both my favourite Nasi Kerabu Ori Kelantan n Nasi Dagang Ori Trengganu is now available @ Sunway.Can’t wait to enjoy these yummies at Ten Years soon

  11. I love nasi kerabu together with “solok lada” without it the nasi kerabu is not complete and not original. Well, at Ten Years regret to say they don’t serve the “solok lada”. Maybe I will try other dishes.

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