Ho ho ho! Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #1 + Sephora Giveaway!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…


If you’re stumped for gift ideas, we’ve got just the right picks for you. Psst…read on to find out how you can win Sephora goodies as featured in this post! Let’s get right into it!


Sisters, Girlfriends, Your BFF, That Special Hottie…

What better way to pamper the fairer sex than with some beauty goodies?

If you’re on a budget, head to Sephora to pick up some lip items at below RM100 or splurge on an adorable CC Cushion at Banila Co.

Photo credits to Sephora

Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipstick // RM60
Nudestix Lip & Cheek Dual Pencil // RM92
3CE Lip Pigment // RM69
3CE Lip Marker // RM59

Photo credits to Banila Co’s official Instagram

Banila Co
Clean It Zero // RM79.50
IT Radiant CC Cover Cushion // RM164.30
Prime Primer (Blur) // RM100.70
Tomorrow nail polish // RM24.70

+ + +

Mothers, Mother-in-laws, Your favourite aunties, Female Bosses…

Shower your mom or boss with a beautifully wrapped (and scented) gift set from Baylis & Harding, or a thoughtful skincare set from Origins. Or simply treat her to a pair of new, comfy pumps at Jelly Bunny!


Baylis & Harding
Beauticology Mini Manicure Bag // from RM69
Royale Bouquet Limited Edition sets // from RM69


Jelly Bunny
Pumps // from RM99


Origins Christmas Sets
Mega Mushroon Collection // RM420
Radiance Ready Set // RM200
Best of Ginger (for Body) // RM200

+ + +

Dads, Boyfriends, Your BFF, That Dude…

Gift the man-of-your-life with some arm candy from the latest watch store in town – Star Ted. Pick from watches with interchangeable straps (Natural Park) or go classic with brands like Elegantsis, Ingersoll, Seiko, Jeep, G-Shock and more.


Star Ted
Natural Park watches // from RM298
Ingersoll watches // from RM699

+ + +


In our opinion, the best gift of all is a hearty Christmas dinner.

If you’re planning to treat your family/significant other/group of kakis to some yummy noms, try the cheesy nasi lemak & roast chicken at Hungry Bunch, followed by some cake and dessert at the newly relocated Caffe Pascucci!

Photo credits to Hungry Bunch’s official Instagram
Photo credits to Caffe Pascucci’s official Instagram

Stay tuned for Part #2 of our Christmas Gift Guide…coming very soon!

In the meantime, stay jolly and merry, and don’t forget to drop by at the main entrance and LG2, Blue Concourse area from 25 November onwards to snap photos of our Christmas decor. See you there! Ho ho ho!

*Prices are accurate at time of posting.
*Photos copyrighted by Sunway Pyramid unless otherwise stated.


Tis the season to be giving…we’ve got some Sephora goodies to give out (as featured above – Zoeva Lipsticks, Nudestix pencils, 3CE Lip Markers and Lip Pigments!).

To enter, simply tell us in the comments section below: Christmas is my favourite season because…

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33 thoughts on “Ho ho ho! Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide #1 + Sephora Giveaway!

  1. Christmas is my favourite season because I always enjoy the moment exchange gift with family, friends and colleagues ~
    It’s fun and traditional season for us to put down everything’s and plan some gathering to celebrate this warm season.
    Besides that , it also represented your whole year before welcome the new year.

  2. Christmas is my favourite season because I will celebrate with my family and my friends every Christmas. The most enjoy moment is exchange Christmas gifts with them~

  3. Ding Dong!! Christmas is my favourite season because its happening everywhere and everyone is expecting presents from one and other! Well,its the holiday month, and holiday mood! The most joyful,giving month ever.
    Most important it brings happiness from the xmas tree deco down to xmas tree presents to everyone regardless any age.

  4. Christmas is my favorite season because it conveys the true meaning of what friendship, relationships and gifts are all about, all bundled into one very special celebration. Tis the season to be jolly indeed!

  5. Christmas is my favorite season because all walks of life are gathered to momentously believe in hope that old can become new, and that when fruits are bear, Christmas is providing just that special hope for those who are in need, and closest to you. Email: mcuswongzk@gmail.com

  6. Christmas is my favorite season because I like the feeling of shopping for gifts and receiving gifts from family and friends. I feel I am being pampered by my loved one! Christmas is the only season that filled with presentttssss!

  7. Christmas is my favourite season because is time that magical time of Santa, time of joy for love and cheer a time for making memories, to last throughout the year and time families and friends give presents to each other, gift for their loved ones and of course the charity too, no matter what the amount though, the donation is made with full Christmas spirit.

  8. Christmas. Ah, the start of the festive season, where all the malls and shop are beautifully decorated, with Christmas and holiday tunes around the mall creating a festive vibe in the air.

    It is the season of family gathering and get-together, where family and friends from all around the world gather together, sitting by tree and singing christmas carols, with a Christmas jumper and a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Ooh, not to forget Christmas tree decorating too. To share the experience the warmth and fuzziness from the Christmas glow with friends and family is priceless.

    Most importantly, this is the season for giving and selflessness, to do good and expect nothing back in return, creating an endless cycle of joy and laughter. This ultimately ends the year on a good note with wonderful memories before ushering in the new year.

    To me, this is what Christmas is all about. And this is why Christmas is my favourite season of the year.

  9. Christmas is my favourite season because I simply love it as it fall in December, my birthday’s month! Somehow, it is year end, people around seems less stressful and more joyful. Of course, gift exchange game and opening up Christmas present can be quite fun and favourite too. Can it be Christmas already? Ho ho ho….

  10. Christmas is my favourite season because is the season of family and friends gathering, of course not forgetting the gift exchange and caroling singing from house to house.

  11. Christmas is my favorite time because is the season that brings so much love, laughter, happiness, and Jesus Christ into our lives. It may not always be a White Christmas (because it doesn’t snow here), but it undoubtedly is the most beautiful time of the year.

  12. Christmas is my favourite season because its a time to celebrate a great moment with all my family and friends before the brand new year coming in. Its a time that for present exchange and to share all your happiness with the people surrounding you. Its a time to plan for a bigger dream for coming new year.

  13. Christmas is my favorite season because it’s gifting season! Although we don’t quite feel a winter Christmas. It’s also one of all the special holidays where friends and family will get together as well as being able to step away from all our busy schedules 🙂 Christmas in general brings most people great joy too! So, that’s why I love Christmas ^^

  14. Christmas is my favourite season because it is the time where family and friends who are busy have finally get a break for a simple heartwarming gathering.

  15. Christmas is my favorite season because it reminds me that I am loved and cared for, something that can never be replaced. It’s time to share the love with your family and friends

  16. Christmas is my favourite season because there are lots to look forward to, meeting and spending time with loved ones, lots of foods and warm moments to share and talk about, and also to shop and shop for gifts to give around. And not to forget, I’d get some as well, so much excitement to look forward to and be surprised as well.

  17. Christmas is my favourite season because there will be jolly Christmas songs being aired in malls and it hyped up the Christmas mood and makes me feel so happy ! Hence, it’s the best time to do some serious shopping 😁

  18. Christmas is my favourite season because it’s s special season where so much of love and joy can be felt. It’s a season of gifting, hence I’ve always looked forward to exchanging gifts. I also like seeing Santa in places such as malls!

  19. Christmas is my favourite season because I like shopping for Christmas and enjoy counting down to Christmas! It’s a season to celebrate and to welcome the new year soon. It’s the time to dress up, make over and start fresh in preparation of welcoming a brand new year!

  20. Christmas is my favourite season because I love spending this occasion with my family, together we share the love. I also love Christmas shopping! It’s also a good time to take a break from our busy schedules. 🙂

  21. Christmas is my favourite season because of the beautiful decorations in the malls, happy Christmas songs being played, caroling being held, and santas and santarina really excite me as well. It’s the most wonderful time of the year !

  22. Christmas is my favourite season because every year my family will have this massive gathering at my aunt’s house on Thanksgiving for a mega feast. The main dish, my aunt’s famous roast turkey is my all-time favourite and I swear the taste is to die for! To be able to share a meal with all my loved ones during this season is truly a blessing. We will chit chat, do gift exchange, listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas special movies. Then lastly we will count down till Christmas! 🎉
    All these are the precious moments that I would cherish forever and thinking about it now makes my heart all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m super hyped up for this coming Christmas. It’s less than a month away! WOOHOO! 😁

  23. Christmas is my favourite season because i can listen the Christmas song, can eat my Christmas Cake, can get presents, like the Santa Story, so i really love all the christmas wonderful moment ^_^

  24. Christmas is my favourite season because it is the most joyful time of the year. My family and I will visit shopping malls to hunt for gifts and delicious food. Christmas season is the best time for me to do shopping as there will be many promotions and special edition products on sale. The malls are beautifully decorated and the whole atmosphere is simply amazing. I love celebrating Christmas very much!

  25. Christmas is my favourite season because this can be a reason for me to spend money on those what I want, I mean, present for self~ hahah!

  26. Christmas is my favorite season because its a time of love, joy and peace all around for each and everyone to share and enjoy – a special celebration!

  27. Christmas is my favorite season because it is filled with so much joy and blissful events and no matter where you go, there are so many pretty lightings and decoration which warm my heart even in the coldest month of the year. Besides, chritmas trees can be seen almost everywhere with their distinct theme which makes it so special that I would wanna travel to all these places to capture all the loves 💕

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