Express yourself with urban TEE!


Looking for ultra cool, comfy tees?

Founded in 2007, urban TEE was created as a hub for pop-culture enthusiasts to express themselves through their funky T-Shirts and merchandise.


urban TEE is an authorised dealer of authorised dealer for New Era caps, Star Wars, Marvel and Tokidoki.


They currently have over 200 types of tees, caps and merchandise featuring pop-icons as well as funky, witty phrases inspired by Malaysian and urban culture.


According to urban TEE, everyone should be edgy, be unpredictable, be the ones who go against the grain and lead the scene.

photo credits to urban TEE


photo credits to urban TEE

If you’re into Bearbricks, urban TEE has a large collection of various bricks, from Daft Punk, Star Wars to Mickey Mouse and other limited edition collectibles.

photo credits to urban TEE

To feast your eyes on more cool merch, locate urban TEE at F1.AV.41, Asian Avenue!

Follow them on Facebook // Instagram // Official Website!


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