Go Green in 2017! 5 easy ways to do your part


If you have been living under a rock (or hiding beneath your covers), Selangor and the Federal Territories recently extended the ban on plastic bags from every Saturday of the week to every day of the week.

Yes, you read that right. Every. Single. Day.

And while we applaud the decision, we realise that there’s much more to be done to reduce waste and do our part for the environment.

So here’s 5 super, simple ways to kickstart 2017 on a greener note!


1) Store recyclable bags in your car/handbag

As suggested by a Facebook friend, the most convenient way to remember to bring recyclable bags is by storing it in your car, handbag or backpack when you go shopping.

Most recyclable bags are easily folded and lightweight to fit into almost any bag/space. #BringYourOwnBag


2) Invest in a water bottle/tumbler

Rather than disposable mineral water bottles, invest in a quality water bottle which costs less than RM20 but will last you at least a year or two.

While you’re at it, develop a habit of bringing a portable flask/tumbler to your favourite coffee joint. You might even save some moolah from coffee places such as Starbucks and Coffea Coffee.


3) Make your own breakfast!

Instead of buying breakfast which is often packed in paper/plastic, try making your own at home instead!

Start with a simple, healthy (did we mention insta-worthy) yogurt bowl: greek yogurt, fresh or dried fruit, nuts and chia seeds. Or, try one of these foolproof overnight oats recipes for a yummy start to your day.

Photo credits: Carolyntay.com

4) BBB: Bring Back your used Bottles!

Used up your favourite skincare or beauty products? Bring it back to the store and you’ll get rewarded + do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

Innisfree, MACBelif and Kiehl’s are among some of the brands that have awesome rewards when you recycle.


5) One word: Handkerchief

Hands up if you think handkerchiefs should be back in trend! Gents, it’s time to channel your inner Kingsman and impress ladies while you’re at it.

For ladies, handkerchiefs are a great way to reduce usage of waste generated through tissues.


So, what say you? Let’s make 2017 a greener year to remember!

*Photo credits to Unsplash.com unless otherwise stated.


2 thoughts on “Go Green in 2017! 5 easy ways to do your part

  1. Never agreed on handkerchiefs because napkins or tissue rolls made of paper too. Buy a handkerchief costs more than a tissue box and dirty hankies hard to clean, man! No way!
    I use a lot and small kids too. Are you kidding us to bring a big towel along?

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