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Let’s Battle It Out!

Are you ready to be ‘terminated’ by laser?

Sounds kinda extreme and dire, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what you can expect at Galactic Laser, where you can have an awesome Battle Parties with friends, families and colleagues.

Are you ready to take the next steps?
Are you ready to take the next steps?

With a minimum of 15 up to 200 people for corporate groups, birthdays and families, Galactic Laser offers real-time scoring by keeping up-to-the-second ranking for each individual during gameplay.

Even though we are great friends, the temptation to ‘hunt’ or even ‘gun down’ each other was just too tempting, so we decided to give Galactic Laser a go – a perfect excuse to ‘temporarily disabling’ that particular one who’s been annoying us all these while.

Yes, the ‘enemies’ will be ‘disposed of’ momentarily – meaning they won’t be able to shoot at anyone, as their laser power will be at the ‘down-time’. But you could still hunt them down and keep shooting at them – that’s the beauty of the game!

Don't hold back!
Don’t hold back!

The 5,500 square feet arena is more than large enough for the fast action laser tag, while you imagine yourself as an extra in a sci-fi movie, perfect with customized lighting, interactive devices and a adrenaline-thumping soundtrack to boot.

When we visited the outlet recently, Galactic Laser was holding its Annual Armageddon Tournament, and the Gladiator mode was selected through consensus from the Galactic Laser Facebook poll.

Make your own way through the barriers.
Make your own way through the barriers.

Trust us, the Gladiator mode is one of the most challenging game modes which require speed, strategic planning and execution to ensure that minimal lives are lost during gameplay. Due to the high quality of the participants, the level during the Armageddon tournament was set to Level 6 (the highest) to bring out the best tactical gameplay for the tournament.

Young and energetic, the 8 teams of 5 people each combated against one another for the chance to win prizes  worth RM 10,000, sponsored by Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Sunway Pyramid Ice, Coca-Cola and Mr. Brian Lee.

The final battle was fought between Killer Penguins and STS  – and boy, we were biting our nails, rooting for our favourite team, as they were both equally ‘terer’ (that’s the local term for ‘champion’) .

Awesome win guys!
Awesome win guys!

But there could only be one winner, and after a  hard battle fought, the Killer Penguins emerged as the victors and proudly walked away with the coveted Gladiator title…wohoo!!

Well, there's always next year!
Well, there’s always next year!

Oopppss..before the next round of the laser tag starts, remind yourself to NEVER wear white if you want to have a go at the game…

Why, you may ask?

It makes you the prefect target, as WHITE glows in the DARK!

Galactic Laser Sunway Pyramid
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm – Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 12am – Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays

Telephone: 03-5638 8833
Fax: 03-5638 8811
Address: LG3.06 Sunway Pyramid Mall, No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, 46150, Selangor.



Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Quiet Blog

Can the introverts survive in the world full of extroverts? Of course, we’d like to think so.

On the surface, Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking seems to be on the defense for the introverts, who are often biased against and misunderstood as being passive, shy, avoid conflicts, talk less listen more; to sum it all – QUIET.

Introverts often crave for solitude and silence, being more at ease having a one-to-one conversation or just chatting in a small, familiar group, rather than being in a room full of boisterous extroverts.

Extroverts, who are described as affable, social, confident and charismatic, are most often tend to be highlighted as more productive, highly successful and important.

But as we were reading the book, we couldn’t help but to wonder – are they really extroverts, or are they really introverts masking themselves as extroverts in order to ‘survive’ in the world?

Confused yet? So were we.

But, as it turned out, no one is purely an introvert or extrovert, but rather a combination of both, to an extent.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking also explores the two inter-connected personalities, with Cain making comparisons between American and Asian cultures, and the past researches that have been surrounding the subject.

She also calls working in groups will lead to more productive results (a favourite with the extroverts) – “a myth”, as according to her, brainstorming, thinking and discussing on a project or problem in a group would often lead to nowhere, as everybody is so busy talking to get their ideas across, and listen less.

And as such, that is why working on their own is more favoured by the introverts – however, it really depends on the individual.

As they say, two (or three or more heads) are definitely better than one, so working in groups might be beneficial in some matters.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world” – said the great man of India, who was a self-proclaimed introvert, which we agreed.

As we found out, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking was not a light read. Cain didn’t really justify the ‘real’ definition of ‘introvert’ or extrovert’, but she managed to give us some characteristics which are useful for identifying them.

And it certainly would help us all in appreciating the differences and uniqueness in people.

Cafe Barbera’s Season Greetings Promotion

Are you one of those people who are always stuck with nothing to say during meal times?

Well, to get that awkwardness out of the way, Cafe Barbera’s  “Season Greetings Promotion” first course is definitely an ice-breaker. The marinated whole Portobello mushroom stuffed with herbs and chicken, with the top bit laden with Mozarella cheese baked to perfection  actually left us speechless for a while…

Why, you may ask?

Portobello with Herbs & Chicken
Portobello with Herbs & Chicken

Because it was a scrumptious starter for a tasty Christmas meal offerings; we simply loved the meal!

And then the conversation started flowing..there’s no stopping the chit-chats after that!

Before we go any further, here’s a special mention about the delightfully creamy and chilled Merry Cappucino Shakerato, laced with chocolate syrup. And as any chocolate lovers will agree, anything  related to chocolate will be too hard to resist , and the taste of the half-foam, half-drink treat will stay in your throat for quite a while.

Merry Cappuccino Shakerato
Merry Cappuccino Shakerato

It’ll definitely jolt your bodily system, especially for non-coffee drinkers.

The Portobello mushroom was followed by a fruity and light melon soup, which was served with roasted almond flakes and strawberries. We liked the taste of the nuts in the creamy soup, but we thought maybe it would have been better served as a cold dessert as the dish was really sweet – perfect for the sweet tooth out there.

It is recommended for those with acquired taste, as the soup has a unique flavour to it.

Creamy Melon Soup with Almond
Creamy Melon Soup with Almond

Café Barbera’s Season Greetings Promotion offers 2 choices of its main course, and you have the option of the Roasted Lamb Leg with Rosemary and Mustard Juice or Roasted Chicken with Cranberry Sauce.

Roasted lamb leg with rosemary and mustard sauce
Roasted lamb leg with rosemary and mustard sauce

The roasted lamb leg was served on a bed of polenta and sautéed vegetables – and for those who (like us) who didn’t know, polenta is a thick mush made of cornmeal, boiled in stock or water.
At first glance, we thought that it was mashed potato. Ooops!

Roast chicken with Cranberry sauce
Roast chicken with Cranberry sauce

The roasted chicken, topped with cranberry sauce and mushroom demi glaze was superbly accompanied with the roasted baby potatoes – a nice, welcoming change than the typical french fries or potato wedges.

The wholesome meal left us feeling really relished – ready in the mood for the festive season. If you’re still looking for a place to hang out over great coffee and scrumptious dishes, then head on to Café Barbera, located at OB2.GU2.

It’s A Delicious Christmas!

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”, so said author Ernestine Ulmer – and we couldn’t agree more.

Most of us look forward to the festive season, don’t we?  It’s always the time to eat, drink and be merry, and who really cares about being on diets at this time of the year, right?

Which is why, Delicious has come up with some…err…delicious Christmas desserts and beverages, to get us all into the spirit of merriment during the joyous season!

Perfect for tea time or snacks, or even to sweeten your tasteful palates after the meal, indulge yourself with the selection of Christmas desserts like these:

From the front: English Christmas pudding, left: Buche de Noel, right:  Cranberry & white chocolate panetonne, back: Bibingka
From the front: English Christmas pudding, left: Buche de Noel, right: Cranberry & white chocolate panetonne, back: Bibingka

You could always ease that guilty conscience by sharing the desserts – but these delightful treats are just too…err..delicious  (we just love the word) to go around – before you know it, all of them are already safely tucked in your tummy.

And while you’re at it, why not wash the treats down with some err..delicious (here we go again) Christmas beverages?

Pear & Cinnamon Ice Cream smoothies
Pear & Cinnamon Ice Cream smoothies
Minted Hot White Choc
Minted Hot White Choc
Gingerbread Latte
Gingerbread Latte

Get some friends and catch up on lost times over these drinks – and you’ll find out why they are oh-so..err..OK – last time – DELICIOUS!

Not only catering for desserts or snacks, Delicious’ menu also expands into a house full of western and local favourites, aiming to satisfy the palates of the food lovers from breakfast till late supper.

Ever wonder how the news of its…OK OK, it’s really the last time we’re using the word..delicious wholesome food spread like wildfire? Well, it’s hard not to spread the good word, since the food is ever so delicious! (we better stop).

Come over and indulge in little Christmas treats which are up on the menu – and hurry! The promotions are only until 31 December 2012!


Delicious, LG2.55 & LG2.55A, Sunway Pyramid


03 5631 8181

Laura Mercier Holiday 2012

When fashion and beauty insiders are asked to name one of the most talented makeup artists, without hesitation it’s Laura Mercier. Why? Well, Laura Mercier’s makeup philosophy is simple: making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty – accentuate the positive. Laura Mercier has developed a range of cosmetics that allows every woman to achieve an incredibly even, smooth – yet natural-looking complexion: the Flawless Face.

Now introducing to you, the NEW Glamour Wardrobe Dual Decker Eyes, Cheeks & Lips. This exclusive palette of Laura’s hand-selected shades gives you glamorous options for eyes, cheeks and lips.  It is a super-luxe two-level palette that holds eight Eye Colours, five Lip Glazes and four Sheer Crème Cheek Colours, along with expert tools for infinite colour combinations that take you from day to night.  The top palette contains Buttercream, Peridot, Heather Plum, Midnight Navy, Coffee Ground, Cherrywood, Sandstone and Sable Eye Colours (in range of finishes from matte to high pearl), a Double-Ended Crease/Smudge Brush and Single Ponytail Brush, plus a full-size mirror. A quick twist of the innovative palette opens to reveal bottom layer shades of Rose Glow, Pink Veil, Golden Glow, Bronze Veil Sheer Crème Creme Cheek Colours and Lip Glazes in Chambord, Sugarplum, Papaya, Dolce, Brick Lip Glazes and a deluxe Lip Brush for flawless application. It’s certainly your complete colour wardrobe in one travel-friendly dual decker palette!


Glamour Wardrobe Dual Decker Eyes, Cheeks & Lips (RM375)

Here’s another great option, the Colour-To-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips. It provides a complete look in one convenient compact.  Portable and purse friendly, this new double decker design features a full size mirror along with all of your colour essentials. The top level is all about eyes with a trio of Eye Colours including a highlighter, midtone and definer shades, plus a Tightline Cake Eye Liner for added intensity.  The bottom level houses a Bronzing Pressed Powder and Second Skin Cheek Colour for a sunkissed glow and pinch of colour on the cheeks.  Also included is a mini Lip Glacé tucked inside to finish the look 😉



Colour-To-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips(RM189)

Now, featuring three Baked Eye Colours in a range of shimmering shades, this petite and portable palette is the perfect way to take your look from day to night. For an even wash of colour, apply dry, or for more vibrant shimmer, simply dampen brush with water and apply wet. Available in two festive options – Golden Metallics and Smoky Metallics.



Petite Baked Eye Colour Trio – Wet/Dry (RM99)

Brush up on beauty this holiday season with Laura Mercier’s must have Deluxe Travel Brush Collection for flawless makeup application.  Perfect for on-the-go, this sleek, chic brush case features a rigid, hard shell design with two pockets and a removable mesh pouch housing a combination of nine professional Brushes for face, cheeks, eyes and brows.


Deluxe Travel Brush Collection (RM369)

Be infused with Laura Mercier’s Mini Lip Glacé Collection, which features five colour coordinated Lip Glacés available in two separate collections – Soft Nudes and Rich Berries. Tailored to shade preference, the Soft Nudes Collection includes shades of pale pink, shimmering peach and dusty mauve for a subtle, more demure look, while the Rich Berries Collection offers bolder, brighter hues in deeper rose, red and plum shades. Wear solo for a soft-shimmer tint, mix together to create your own personal shade or layer with your favorite Lip Colour.



Mini Lip Glacé Collection (RM189)

Leave the cares of the day behind as you sink into a bath filled with this luxurious honey treat. Laura Mercier Body & Bath Trio features 6 oz. glass jars of Honey Bath (plus wooden honey dipper), Body Scrub and Soufflé Body Crème that will certainly leave your skin feeling clean, silky and completely moisturized. It is available in three of Laura’s most delectable gourmande scents – Almond Coconut Milk, Crème Brûlée and Fresh Fig.


Body & Bath Trio (RM259)

Laura Mercier’s Soufflé Body Crème Sampler presents a quartet of Laura’s favorite ultra-rich Soufflé Body Crèmes in new Ambre Vanillé, plus best-selling favorites Almond Coconut Milk, Crème Brûlée and Fresh Fig.  Blended with the finest gourmande notes, each delectable body crème contains active ingredients in a silky smooth super-whipped soufflé formula that instantly nourishes the skin with vitamins and protein derivatives, while Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil provide conditioning benefits. Ideal for travel, each scent is packaged in a non-breakable 4 oz jar.


   Soufflé Body Crème Sampler (RM239)

Laura Mercier’s Body & Bath Duo is brought back this season in the favorite, limited edition scent, Tarte au Citron.  The fresh fragrance captures the essence of lemon, bergamot, cassis and warm crème fraiche, and blends it with delicious notes of whipped vanilla custard, baked pastry accord and velvety musky woods. Including 6 oz. glass jars of Honey Bath (plus wooden honey dipper) and Soufflé Body Crème, the Tarte au Citron Body & Bath Duo makes the perfect gourmande gift.


Body & Bath Duo (RM179)

 The ultimate body & bath travel luxury – La Petite Patisserie Quartet is a must-have regimen set that includes all of your favorite body & bath essentials, featuring 3 oz. portable tubes of Crème Body Wash and Soufflé Body Crème, plus a deluxe travel Hand Crème and Eau Gourmande fragrance.


La Petite Patisserie Quartet (RM195)

Now, you can enjoy Laura Mercier Body & Bath favorites wherever you go…it’s the ultimate travel luxury!


G1.128 @ Sunway Pyramid


03-5613 3390