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Festive Fiesta with Carlo Rino

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Festive Fiesta

It’s that time of year again, where festivities rule, and looking party perfect is more crucial than ever.

Introducing Carlo Rino’s festive fiesta collection: Celebratory prints, textures and colours, and fun shapes mean partying in style.

What more could a girl want?

CR 329745_2--

We have identified some of our favourite pieces from Carlo Rino’s festive collection, perfect for work, play and everything in between.


Versatile Jacquard

Looking for something subtle yet sophisticated? Get these soft greys on beige jacquard-inspired bags for every-day style and functionality.

Have them 6 ways: Duffel, tote, shoulder bag, weekend bag, clutch or hand-held. Adorable Carlo Rino alphabet charms add the element of playful fun into the mix.

Wear these with a structured pencil skirt and sheer, feminine top.


Professional Power

Made for the woman who treasures structure and elegance – these arm-held bags are small in size, but big on sophistication.

Sleek, diagonal lines, zippered detailing, chic charms and a feminine palette of midnight blue and soft pink make these the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Pair this with pretty much anything to dress up your look.

0302716-Bag n Wallet-Group

Art lover

Designed for those who love art as much as fashion, this tote feature a painting prints – a high-fashion girl who is wearing a striking yellow rain coat walking down the breezing city street- for a strong emphasis on lifestyle of a city girl.

This carryall that comes with matching wallet to store your personal credentials, ensuring everything is safely stored inside the compartment.


Read Between The Lines

A lover of lines and symmetry? Bag these simple and soft black and white beauties, that gives you an illusion perception.

Gold accessories – perfect for that touch of elegance for work or that after-work party. Even better, pair one of these with made-to-match ankle booties in warm brown or black. Great for finishing off a power pant-suit.


Tote This!

These totes scream adventure and fun! White Carlo Rino monogram straps complement contrasting a semi-patent canvas on burnt orange, black and beige.

Need more room? Just slide out its removable pouch, and ta-da! Detachable straps give you hands-free access. Wear with a bright print dress for maximum attention-grabbing.


These Boots Are Made For Walking

Hankering for more coverage? Boots aren’t just for those keeping their feet safe from the chills. They’re also made for the fashionista who knows how to dress up her look with lightweight style with a touch of ruggedness.

Pick from various shades of earth to go with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or skirt for some sweet and sexy, your companion to party too!


Flat Out Beauty

Style in colour block with striking colours! Get noticed on every footstep … walk like a celebrity!


Get Pumped-up

In a classic Mary-Jane, rounded-toe style, either pumps or flat will hold status in your wardrobe for years to come. They’re made from glossy patent leather which suitable for any occasion.


Charm your way into his heart

Warm up your date’s heart with the sweetest of charms, so easy to hook on or off your favorite tote or shoulder bag. Candy colours, crystals and sweet metallic textures give Tinkerbell and adorable marine life just the right dose of playfulness to your ensemble.


Timing Is Everything

They say it’s all in the accessories, and their right. Be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right timepiece for your outfit.


Carlo Rino, LG1.83.

The Pedro Autumn Winter 2013

Encounter spectacular creations through the satorial direction of the season with Pedro Fall Winter 2013 collection. Culminations of an accomplished palette in rich essence are adapted to current pieces in urban modernism.

Pedro Fall 2013 Collection
Pedro Fall 2013 Collection – The Hauterfly Debut





The Hauterfly Debut

The women’s collection this season is a true testament to sophisticated independence in confidence perfectly balanced, enhancing the feminine silhouette. The palette is initiated with the strentgh of classics like blue, green, red, black and aggrandized with berry and orange. Envisage exemplar stiletto pumps revitalized with special accentuation of the heel with detailed metal hardware and minimalistic embossing.




The Style Afficionado

Versatility in form fashion is this season’s statement of the men’s collection. Forward assurance in character can be seen in deep palette of browns maroons and deep blues highlighted with a border palette with the likes of purple, green and orange.



Pedro is now open in Sunway Pyramid.


Pedro, LG1.03

You can be a super hero too!

It is the school holidays and regardless of whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult, maybe a grandparent, who knows, there is something for your to relieve your secret childhood desire.  Get into the mood and celebrate the school holidays with the children. How about having a party with a super hero dress code? That will be lots of FUN!!!

Recently, DC Comics in Sunway Pyramid showed how it should be done by partying the super heroes’ way.

Colours super heroes on the loose!
Colours super heroes on the loose!

Can you name the characters in the pictures above? Which are your favourite one(s)?

Happy children greeting their favourite super heroes
Happy children greeting their favourite super heroes

There were lots of happy kids, who finally got to see their favourite super heroes during the reopening launch of the outlet here.

Supergirl, Superman and a happy girl
Supergirl, Superman and a happy girl

Here is super girl and super man (in his six packs) posing with an ecstatic girl

Super baby dressed to the occasion
Super baby dressed to the occasion

Even this adorable super baby followed the dress code, so, yep, you can never be too young to dress in a super hero outfit.

"Hello there, people! Do you know who I am?"
“Hello there, people! Do you know who I am?”

Do you know who is the dude in green?

Super hero dancers showing their groove
Super hero dancers showing their groove

And there were super hero dancers who burnt the floor with their hot brick dance move.

Let’s now take you around the store…

Colourful super hero outfit in DC Comics Super Heroes
Colourful super hero outfit in DC Comics Super Heroes
Spot your favourite
Spot your favourite

Very colourful merchandises of almost every super hero are available here, enough to melt your children’s heart with ecstasy.

Don't you feel like having one of those merchandises as well?
Ohhhh, happy kid! Don’t you feel like having one of those merchandises as well?

“Hoooray, mum, dad! I have a super tumbler now!”

Some of the merchandises at DC Comics Super Heroes
Some of the merchandises at DC Comics Super Heroes (some are limited edition *whistles*)

Check out some of the super hero tees that are up for sale in DC Comics Super Heroes too.

Colourful Super Hero Tees available at DC Comics Super Heroes
Colourful Super Hero Tees available at DC Comics Super Heroes

We remember whipping about in our super heroes suit from one end to another just to make our cape fly. Times have indeed changed but our superheroes that have a place in our hearts will never, ever change.
Happy School Holidays, kids and parents, grandparents, have loads of fun!!!!! Kids grow up too fast these days as did you… 😉

Also, don’t forget to catch Man of Steel, premiering on 13 June 2013. We simply can’t wait to watch our favourite super hero in action.


DC Comics Super Heroes,  F1.03


STORMing its way in, with style!

Did you know that STORM is the only recognised British watch brand in the market today?

Call it fate, or just coincidence, but just so happened one of us ‘needed’ another watch to add to her ever-growing watch set.

So when we heard that STORM has opened under our roof, we couldn’t wait to STORM (pun intended) our way to the outlet, you know, to keep our watch-crazy friend company.

But then, upon setting our eyes on the collections, it was sooooo hard to resist the temptations to try a few watches on. After all, what harm can it do, right?

One of us girls, who is always so fond of those big, guy-type watches was instantly hooked on the STORM Special Edition Solar watch. What’s not to adore, with features like the striking green LED clock hands, streamlined steel racing stripe strap, and water resistance to 50m.

It kinda look like those watches worn when you’re about to be sent off to outer-space, and you’d get the whole vibe when you’re at the outlet – the whole outlook and design of the place looked really high-tech.

ImageThe Solar-looking Slate



Talking about high-tech stuff, gadget lovers will probably like the STORM Remex. With its unconventional clock-face features a sleek glass cover, complete with an unusual rotating disc dial detail for a futuristic twist, we felt like Captain Kirk about to be beamed up to the Starship Enterprise by Scotty.

Fans of Star Trek will understand what we meant…  🙂

And the sophisticated, lady-like ones like some of us would be in love with the Alexa, with its classic slim linked strap and the bold clock-face adorned with angled raised cut glass.

ImageThe stylish Alexa

Other collections include:

Mini LazerAqua
Pixie, White and Pink Aquatrio

The ever so charming staff was really patient entertaining to our requests to “can we try this…can we try that..?” requests. So when we saw that STORM not only has watches, but there were also some awesome-ly stylish fashion accessories, we went all ga-ga over them.

Look at them, and drool….

ImageThe bling-bling Crystal Collection


ImageThe macho Quin bracelet and necklace

The Quin collection is contemporary…

The Quin collection is masculine…

The Quin collection fits real men.

So in the end, one of us bought the Solar, one got herself the Crystal bling-bling, and the other was still contemplating on whether to get the Quin bracelet for her guy or not.

We say…buy it!!

STORM outlet is located in Sunway Pyramid at G1.95.

Christmas with Poh Kong

Giving the gift of jewelry says something about the giver -> ‘THOUGHTFUL’.  And isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Jewelry is also timeless, as most often jewelry can be worn for years to come. Here are some ideas from Poh Kong to help you select that ideal gift 😉


Here’s something for the babies 😉


Something lovely for your selection, these charming, lovable rings feature ribbon designs that reflect a pleasant demeanor and exude an aura of camaraderie is made from white gold and tastefully adorned with dazzling diamonds. The other is made from rose gold and cleverly decorated with diamonds in the middle. They are an absolute delight when accessorizing for a party! Now you know what to pick!


Going on a trip this Christmas Holiday? Well, this travel organizer will definitely come in handy. Just purchase any jewellery worth RM1, 000 and above from Poh Kong and it’s yours! OOpps! Terms & conditions apply ya 😉


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!


Poh Kong @ LG2.82

Sunway Pyramid


Looking for that great holiday gift? Take a look at these wonderful charms that will take your breath away. The latest collection from Fossil jewelry is all about creating classic pieces with an incredibly special feel!

And now presenting to you…The one-of-a-kind charm, from classic looks and keys to whimsical snow globes and sleds, these tiny treasures are certain to make great gifts! And why do we say so? Well, a charm bracelet can be worn as casual jewelry or for formal occasions, depending on the style. It simply fits every occasion! You may also make it a gift to acknowledge milestones such as birthday, graduation, prom, wedding, Christmas, or even giving birth to a baby.

Charms are indeed wonderful gifts for people who have bracelets. However if you want to give a charm but aren’t sure what type to buy, you might consider giving an entirely new bracelet so that the recipient can begin collecting a second set of charms!

Whether it’s through styling enhancements, holiday-perfect embellistments, or stunning color statements, Fossil’s jewelry is made to be coveted today and through the ages.

Let’s spread the holiday love with Fossil, make her smile today 😉


Fossil @ G1.102

Sunway Pyramid