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Hi yo Silver – AWAY with The Lone Ranger!


Yes, Johnny Depp makes a great ‘Tonto’.

Yes, Armie Hammer (though not quite a ‘dish’) shines as John Reid aka the Lawyer aka The Lone Ranger.

But the star of the show in our opinion – Silver.

The white Horse, in which Tonto called a “spirit horse” (but could also be misguided and ‘confused’ as it chose the ‘kemosabe’ – the wrong brother), is just hysterical.

From drinking beer straight from the bottle, having the knack to show up at odd places where horses simply can’t – err…like on top of a roof, or on tree branches – Silver, who finally has a name at the end of the movie, is the most appealing character in the film.

Not that the rest of the cast wasn’t good – no no no…It’s just that, it’s a bit too boring and stereotyped – we have the damsel in distress, the baddie (like super bad as he rips out hearts and lungs and eats them raw!), the joker (obviously Tonto), the ‘I-am-the-law’ hero (who is probably the lamest hero ever)…we think we better stop before we hurt ourselves.

Watching Tonto goofing around in The Lone Ranger was like watching Jack Sparrow goofing around in Pirates of the Carribean. Outcast by his tribe, the cuckoo Native American Indian was left emotionally-scarred when his entire tribe was wiped out due to his own mistakes and greed (over a lousy watch). Though wasn’t that fond of John at first, he ‘recruited’ him to seek justice, by becoming the ‘outlaw’.

Their ‘bromance’, odd-couple relationship was hilarious – to an extent that they became a bit too…err..draggy – like the rest of the plot.

It’s a bit of a shame, that the quirky and eccentric Helene Bonham Carter’s Red Harrington only gets a tiny role in the blockbuster. Her ‘ivory’ peg-leg is really something you shouldn’t be messing around with – and as they are often featured together, the chemistry between her and Depp is indeed remarkable.

Lets see…Armie Hammer as John Reid, the ‘educated’ lawyer who doesn’t believe in using guns – yes, believable.
But Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger – the masked vigilante seeking the ones responsible for his brother’s death, the outlaw who’s supposed to uphold the law – err..perhaps somebody else could fit in the shoes. Somebody who doesn’t get bullied as much, somebody who stands up for himself.

For someone who’s ‘educated’ he is surely a bit of a dimwit, who doesn’t realise he’s being duped the whole time.

Which is why, again, Silver remains our favourite character.

We don’t wish to give away too much of the plot – but rest assured, there are plenty of guns, slaps, action, explosions – just what you expect from a ‘cowboy’ movie. The part that got us most excited guess it – upon hearing the familiar theme of The Lone Ranger. We felt like enrolling ourselves in horse-riding classes straightaway!

“Hi yo Silver, AWAY!”


Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness

It’s no easy task remaking this second sequel of the evergreen, well-loved movie franchise especially when the standard is already set so high already in the past and fans all around the world have embraced their heroes so long ago but kudos to director J.J. Abrams who have produced other well known hits such as Mission Impossible III (2006), Super 8 (2011) and Cloverfield (2008). A job well done indeed! Watching the Star Trek series all over again have refreshed some of our long forgotten memories that made up some of our sweetest childhood experiences. For first timers, rest assured, you won’t be caught off-guard in a middle of some unknown plot, even if this is your first Star Trek movie.

In this series, after a devastating terror attack on the Enterprise, Captain Kirk (starred by Chris Pine) was determined to find the attacker to seek justice. Chris Pine from the start, was captivating and in a gentlest way, had so much of on-screen charisma that draws attention towards his screen character and it gradually grows stronger as the movie goes on. It was entertaining to watch how the comical debate between humanity and logic is constantly in the limelight as both characters – Captain Kirk and Spock (starred by Zachary John Quinto) showed their affections for each other in very different ways. What is interesting about the whole Star Trek series especially with these two central characters is that their voices sometimes reflect very much our own when we deal with threatening situations, emotions and even danger. Scotty (starred by Simon Pegg) was also a very enjoyable watch as he remained to give comedic punch lines the moment he made an appearance onscreen. We have to say that we noticed the strong British accent in his speech which gave him away just a little bit but, hey, we can’t say we don’t love him and his charming accent and jokes.

The Star Trek series, although a Sci-Fi, interestingly covers many other life issues such as relationship whether romantic relationship, friendship and even paternal relationship. This is what makes the series so popular as viewers sometimes can find themselves relating to the character’s dilemma. All in all, if you haven’t watched it yet, get off your seat quick and book a movie ticket now. We rate the Star Trek Into Darkness sky high. Five stars!

Did you enjoy the movie? How would you rate it? Don’t you think the costumes are just simply awesome? Which are your favourite characters and why?

Thumbs-up to Iron Man!

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

What else can we say? Robert Downey Jr, a.k.a Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man is….THE MAN!

We couldn’t think of anyone else who could step into the (metal) shoes and the (iron) body armour, and play the role any better than the guy. Though Iron Man 3 is largely about ‘boys and their toys’, with huge, extravagant and spectacular shows of macho-ism and arrogance, it also shows another part of Tony Stark and teaches people a thing or two about teamwork.

Yeah – two (or three) is definitely better than one – just look at how much help Mr Stark get from Pepper Potts, Harley the Kid, and Col. Rhodes.

Oh, and that teamwork display hanging on the air – simply awesome!

Tony Stark still displays his cockiness and arrogance in Iron Man 3, but he seems to have lost it as he puts out the challenge “You’re not a man. You’re nothing more than a maniac. I’m not afraid of you. No politics here: just good old fashioned revenge!” to The Mandarin for the bomb blast which sent his best friend, aptly named Happy, to coma.

And as it turns out, a billionaire (or is it a trillionaire?) like Tony Stark has problems like the rest of us laymen (and women) too. Anxiety, insomnia, commitment issues, flaws – well, there are indeed certain things that even money can’t buy huh?

Ben Kingsley, the awesome thespian also gets our thumbs-up for providing a ‘face of terror’, which made us all think that ‘fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all’.

When “The Mandarin” said: “Ladies, children, sheep… Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: Heroes, there is no such thing” – that alone sent shivers through our spine as the threat seemed really imminent, especially seeing how things are in the world at the moment.

It is, however, pretty weird seeing ‘Gandhi’ as ‘The Mandarin, the terrorist’ – but he plays the part down to the T.

By the way, Ben Kingsley plays the role of the peace-loving Gandhi in the movie err..”Gandhi” some time ago  🙂

The villain, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) is the ‘mad scientist’ , the man-behind-the-scene – brilliant, but crazy and demented.  Why is it always the smart, nerdy and geeky guys get to be the baddies, we wonder?

Iron Man 3 sees Tony Stark’s relationship with Pepper Potts going much further, and while it may seem that he’s calling all the shots, sometimes it’s her who wears the pants in the house.

That part towards the end..phooowwwaaarrr!!! You go girl!!

And at this point, we’re just so tempted to reveal everything about Iron Man 3. But nooo…you have to go and see it yourself.

Just a reminder though – remember to stay until the end of the credits…that’s all we can say 🙂

We watched Iron Man 3 at the TGV Cinemas, located at F1.MZN.1

Also, just a sneak peek, Iron Man fans, you can get their merchandise from F Floor near TGIF.

Get Iron Man 3's merchandise here
Get Iron Man 3’s merchandise here

You can this interesting backdrop that you, Iron Man fans would absolutely looooove…………

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3

Do you know the names of the characters in these paintings? Lovely, aren’t they?

Lovely paintings of Iron Man 3 characters
Lovely paintings of Iron Man 3 characters

Also, closer towards the escalator at F Floor, you can see this really interesting 3D Art on the floor…

3D Art of Iron Man 3
3D Art of Iron Man 3
An Iron Man fan checking out the 3D Art
A little Iron Man fan checking out the 3D Art

Awesome, ain’t it? For those of you who have not seen it, remember to drop by and also get yourself some merchandise to officially brand yourself as an Iron Man fan.

Just to digress back to the movie, we wonder if there are any more sequels to this movie. What do you think?

Nothing crude ’bout The Croods


Now, what does The Croods have anything to do with a Malaysian, you may ask?

Well well well..the pride of our nation, the wonderful vocalist from Kedah, our local girl Yunalis Zarai, otherwise known as Yuna has lent her husky, melodious voice to the soundtrack of the animated film.

Belting out the title track for The Croods, singing a duet with Owl City to “Shine My Way”, Yuna certainly did us proud, especially since the film itself ‘shone’ at the box-office.

With Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds lending their voices to the main characters, The Croods is an animated story about a close-knit, primitive family who just about to manage in living their barbaric live to survive various dangers.

Thanks to the overprotective father, Grug (Nicolas Cage),  (seriously, if our dads are like him, we’d be like…arghhh!!) who is (literally AND figuratively) obsessed AND possessed with a paralysing fear of anything new, the whole family lives their lives “safely” in the dark, clammy cave they called home.

But then, there’d always be ONE rebel in the family as it is, and lo’ and behold, the daughter, Eep (voiced by Emma Stone) is just too adventurous, bold and daring to be kept in the ‘cage’ they called the cave. Well, as with any other defiant teenager (we’ve all been at that stage before, haven’t we?), she did the total opposite and went against everything that her father ordered her NOT to do.

Enter Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a hippie / free-thinker / high-spirited / oh and jean-wearing..err..guy and his pet-cum-side-kick sloth, Belt (who is hilarious by the way), who ‘lures’ Eep out of the darkness (yeah, ironic, we know) and wishes to show her a lot of wonders of the world.

Without giving too much away needless to say, Guy has opened Eep’s, and the rest of the families’ (including Grug’s) eyes that there are so many wonderful things that await them out of the cave, and taught them a few things about surviving in the wildnerness.

Which includes some rather amusing antics on how to trap a prey.

Yes, we enjoyed the has some funny bits…BUT…

We also thought that the same ol’, same ol’ formula is repeated again and again, making the whole movie slightly bumpy and lopsided.

Yeah, we got that messages of ‘family-togetherness’ and ‘all that is new is dangerous…and YOU WILL DIE!’ coz they were really (and we mean REALLY) emphasised throughout the film that at some point, it bored us to..err..death..(a bit dramatic, that we know).

But STOP IT already..please…

And really.. what was the ‘real threat’, coz the “end of the world” (as Guy puts it) didn’t really seem like the real McCoy…

Oh yeah… Eep truly resembles that other girl from that other animated movie, with the same wild, frizzy, unkempt red hair and the same daring and bold attitude to match. Couldn’t she have been…say…a brunette? Or even raven-haired?

Having said that though, The Croods offers a colourful, light entertainment for the whole family, and serves as an excellent comedy relief after a hard day. Ever wondered how they used to take photos back in the (extremely) old days, or how belt was created?

We say – watch The Croods to find out 🙂

We watched the movie at TGV, located at F1.MZN.1 in Sunway Pyramid.

Oz, the Great and the Powerful

Oz, the Great and Powerful
Oz, the Great and Powerful

Oscar Diggs, or Oz, (starred by James Franco) is a carnival magician who wished to be great and one day, he was swept by a tornado and ended up in the Land of Oz where he was given a difficult mission to defeat the wicked witch.

Wait a minute. Is this the same Wizard of Oz we know? You know, the one where there was this little girl, Dorothy, who sang ‘Over the Rainbow’ in one of those old movies? Well, not exactly, but yeah, it’s still the Land of Oz and yep, it’s a remake of the classical Wizard of Oz (1939) we all love.

We were a little confused at first because we did expect to see Dorothy again, maybe the grown up version of her (oh dear, we compared this to Alice and the Wonderland, didn’t we?) but then again, with the Land of Oz planted so deeply in our hearts, it will be extremely difficult for us to accept a remake and sooo, yep, we agreed with what its director Sam Raimi did to refresh the storyline while keeping some of the classical essence of what make the Land of Oz endearing in our hearts.

This Oz, the Great and Powerful is a more grown up version of Wizard of Oz, powerfully entwined in a romance plot and it was fun to see how the charming James Franco played Oz, a character who believed that he was a bad man and how he encountered the beautiful ladies – the witches Theodora (starred by Mila Kunis), Evanora (starred by Rachel Weisz)and Glinda (starred by Michelle Williams).

What we didn’t like about the movie was also what made it… nice. Sounds confusing, yeah… but what we meant are the cheesy lines, the stereotypes and all that flirting… at the end of the day, while we hated them, it was those lines and stereotypes that made the movie very entertaining. It was also interesting to see how Oscar struggled to stay through his mission. It’s a fun movie by Disney and we know the children will love it.

How it fared for us adults though? Well, we give this movie 2.5 stars. It will be nice to watch this movie but we wouldn’t put this in your must-watch list. Then again, this is our personal opinion. How many stars would you rate this movie? Who are your favourite characters in this movie? Tell us because we want to know.